Art Test Final Exam

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  1. Aspects of Early Christian Art
    • 2D paintings
    • Flat
    • wanted to separate themselves from pagan temples
    • little to no sculpture
    • Basilica floor plan
    • apse
    • plain exteriors and ornate interiors
    • thick walls
    • small windows, dark interiors
    • companile (bell tower)
    • wood truss ceilings
    • mosaics
  2. Iconoclasm
    Destruction of art, occurred during Early Christian Art
  3. Jonah and the Whale and the Good Shepherd emphasizing repentance and God's mercy are related to which tradition of art?
    Early Christian Art
  4. Santa Sabina in Rome and Galla Placidia in Ravenna are from which art tradition?
    Early Christian
  5. Galla Placidia in Ravenna has:
    floor to ceiling mosaics
  6. Byzantine Art aspects:
    • central floorplan
    • domes
    • pendentives- dome on top of circular arch
    • squinches- dome on top of square arch
    • Iconostasis: golden wall to hold artifacts and paintings
    • Reverse Perspective
    • Justinian Mosaics
  7. Hagia Sophia and San Vitale are from which artistic tradition?
  8. Ancient Islamic Art:
    • Mirab: only thing a building needs to have to be a mosque- it is where Quaran goes and it faces Mecca
    • Arabic Script
    • Arabesques: floral designs
    • horseshoe arch
    • Pointed arch
    • muqarnas
    • Minurettes
    • quibla: wall around mirab
    • striped arches
    • cisterns for ritual bathing
    • geometric shapes
  9. The Great Mosque of Cordoba and Alhambra are from which tradition?
    Ancient Islamic
  10. The Romanesque period:
    • means Roman Like
    • demonic frenzy
    • Relics- reason crusaders went from cathedral to cathedral
    • ambiliatory- pilgrims used these aisles to not disturb congregation
    • radiating chapels: chapels on outside edges of church
    • they also had striped interiors
    • ornate exteriors
    • zodiak incorporated into tymponyms
    • tymponym: made of marble showed the last judgement
    • return of monumental sculpture! 
    • towns grew around cathedrals
    • buttresses introduced
    • slightly larger windows
  11. La Madeline, the Pisa Cathedral, Notre Dame la Grande, and San Sernin are from which art period?
  12. The Gothic Period
    • Flying Buttresses
    • Divine Light
    • Stained glass.
    • combination of pointed arches and buttresses
    • Rose window
    • Spires
    • gargoyles: guardian figures
    • gold background
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