Govt 2305 Chap 18

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  1. Understand the correlation between public opinion and foreign policy.
    • sometimes public opinion is set aside in favor of national interest or what is of benefit to the nation as a whole
    • public opinion is sometimes reshaped or ignored by govt leaders
    • foreign policy is way complicated which makes the public's opinion less certain
  2. What makes the United States a superpower?
    it's a nation with the military, economic, and political resources to project force anywhere in the world
  3. Describe the structural foundations surrounding America's fulfillment of the superpower role.
    economic power:  GDP is 14.5 trillion with 313 million people, amer corporations are increasingly global

    military power:  US is most powerful armed forces in the world, defense budget exceeds all other NATO countries, only country in world with permanent military bases in every part of the world
  4. What is soft power?
    influence in world affairs that derives from the attractiveness to others of a nation's culture, products, and way of life
  5. Define hegemons and be able to offer an example of one.
    • hegemon is a term used to refer to the dominant power during various historical periods that takes on responsibilities for maintaining and protecting a regional or global system
    • UK for much of 19th century, ottoman empire are examples
  6. Understand the multilateralist and unilateralist positions.
    • unilateralists believe the US should vigorously use its military and diplomatic power to pursue american national interests in the world, but on a "go it alone" basis
    • whereas multilateralists believe we should do so in cooperation with other nations and international organizations
  7. Know what makes up the axis of evil.
    Iraq, Iran, and North Korea
  8. What clouds the US relationship with China?
    disputes over trade, intellectual property rights protections, Taiwan, Tibet, and human rights
  9. Define globalization.
    the increasing worldwide integration of markets, production, and communications across national boundaries
  10. What has been decided, in terms of property rights, when discussing prescription drugs?
    US signed agreement in 2003 to suspend the normal trade rules of the WTO and allow production and use of certain critical generic drugs
  11. What is the State Department and what functions does it carry out?
    • has 273 embassies, consulates and missions around the world that carry out policy and advise the dept on new developments
    • headed by secretary of state
  12. What is the Joint Chief of Staff?
    the military officers in charge of each of the armed forces
  13. When has Congress become active in foreign policy?
    when wars go badly and do not meet public expectations
  14. Who declares war?
    Constitution gives Congress that power
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