Logic Games- General

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  1. What is the 6 step process for all logic games?
    1. Identify game type

    2. Begin Diagram

    3. Symbolize clues

    4. Double check symbols

    5. Make deductions

    6. Answer questions in smartest order
  2. What are the 4 types of deductions?
    1. Can't be 1st or last ("before or after" clues)

    • 2. Repeated element deductions
    • Identify any element that appears in 1+ clue
    • combine these clues to get new info

    • 3. Down-to-two deductions¬†
    • limit a slot to only 2 elements

    • 4. Block-splitting deductions
    • a. Identify all blocked elements(MP & RT)
    • b. Where can they be placed?
    • c. look for slots where putting a single unblocked element would split the block and make it impossible to put block anywhere else.
  3. What questions are the easiest and usually listed first?
    Complete and accurate list questions

    **answer first!!**
  4. What is the best order to answer questions?
    1. Complete and Accurate list

    • 2. Questions that give more info
    • (give added info about an element or where to put it)
    • *pay atten to COULD be T/F vs. MUST be T/F

    • 3. Questions that do not give new info
    • *right answer will not restate a clue--will require deduction
  5. What are the 3 steps to handling conditional statements?
    1. Abbreviate the elements in the statement

    2. Symbolize the statement using an arrow

    • 3. Symbolize the contrapositive
    • (flip sides & flip signs)
  6. What is a conditional-combination deduction?
    1. element that is in first half of one conditional clue and back half of another

    2. combine elements to create new clue
  7. What questions should you ask to set up a game?
    What does this game look like?

    What do I need the clues to do?
  8. If Emily walks the Retriever before she walks the Terrier, then she must walk the Mutt before she walks the Schnauzer
    R - T --> M - S
  9. B only if A

    Not B unless A

    All A are B

    No A are B

    B if, but only if, A
    B --> A

    -B --> A

    A --> B

    A --> -B

    A --> B AND B --> A
  10. What type of language will be present in an ORDERING game?
    Select, choose, assign elements

    from or among a list

    to a particular group, bin, or team
  11. What are the 3 clues to look for to identify a two-tiered ordering game?
    1. Setup and clues will use both grouping and ordering language

    2. Game will have you assign exactly two elements to each group

    3. 2 slots in each group will be specified

    *should have 2/3 clues
  12. What is the distinction that makes it a 1-2-2 or 1-1-3 game?
    It will have ordering and grouping tasks BUT will not assign a number of elements to each group

    *number of elements in a group can vary from question to question
  13. What language will help identify a game as 1-2-2 or 1-1-3?
    Each group must have at LEAST ONE element and each group can hold UP TO THREE elements
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