The 1920's

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  1. What were the 1920's also known as?
    The Roaring 20's or the Jazz Age
  2. Who was Calvin Coolidge
    USA President.
  3. What was buying on credit?
    Instalment buying+ buying on credit (but now, pay later)
  4. Was the stock market high or low during the 1920's?
    it was high because everyone was investing in the stock market
  5. What was the Bull market?
    A period of rapidly increasing stock prices.
  6. What was the 19th amendment?
    The 19th amendment gave women the right to vote in 1920.
  7. What did Carrie Chapman set up?
    She set up the League of Women Voters.
  8. What was the League of Women Voters for?
    This group tried to educate voters and ensure the right of women to serve on juries.
  9. What were flappers?
    They were women which rebelled. They embraced their freedom and independence. Flappers, dancing, clothes, smoking clubs etc. They were women who wore short skirts, bright red lipstick, hair cut short, smoked and drank in public ad drove fast cars.
  10. What was a popular car model in the 1920's?
    The Ford.
  11. Where were millions of jobs created?
    Factories, oil refineries,roads, highways, truck stops, gas stations, restaurants and tourists stops.
  12. Who was a famous musician in the Jazz age?
    Louis Armstrong
  13. What was a fad during the 1920's?
    Flagpole sitting.
  14. What was flagpole sitting?
    Where young people would sit for hours and even days on top of a flagpole.
  15. What was the Charleston?
    The Charleston was famous dance. It had a quick beat where the dancers would kick their feet out really quickly.
  16. What was the main style of music in the 1920's?
  17. Where did Jazz originate?
    New Orleans. It was created by the African Americans, combination of West African rhythms, African american songs and spirituals, European harmonies.
  18. What was the 18th amendment?
  19. What was prohibition?
    Stopping the manufacturing and spread of alcohol.
  20. Who virtually controlled Chicago in the period of prohibition?
    Al Capone.
  21. When did Prohibition start?
  22. When did prohibition finally end?
    1933. With the 21st amendment.
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