BC for the fire service

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  1. critical factor for all fire departments. It follows that a wide range of fire professionals in trying to their job at a facility or building site or when that site becomes the fire ground must rely on what to succeed and sometimes survive?
    Clear, effective communications
  2. (two words) is another key element for fire professionals. Its value cannot be overstated. without it fire fighters are reduced to just reacting to a fire rather than being prepared for its many potential hazards.
    Prefire planning
  3. when developing an emergency plan all contact with an owner or manager should be through a _ _ who has the lead responsibility for that particular risk.
    Single individual
  4. when planning develops a conclusion of such a disaster potential the conclusion should be shared immediately with whom?
    Client management and appropriate officials
  5. what is the most important reason to know building terms?
  6. what is the eternal enemy of every building
    force of gravity
  7. who said "Experience keeps a dear school,but fools will learn in no other."
    Benjamin Franklin
  8. What is defined as the stage of fire at which all surfaces and objects in a room or area are heated to their ignition temperature and flames develop on all contents and combustible surfaces at once?
  9. What is defined  as the burning of heated gaseous product of combustion when oxygen is introduced into an environment whose oxygen supply has been depleted due to fire? This burning occurs with explosive force.
  10. what is defined as the rapid spread of flame over one or more surfaces?
  11. From 1980-1989 there were _ fire fighters who were killed while operating at structure fires.
  12. Can a backdraft or flashover occur with out any warning signs?
    yes they can
  13. The _ of involved structures is essential in limiting risks to first fighters operating inside, but the _ process can expose fire fighters to the very dangers they are trying to reduce.
  14. this load is defended as the weight of the building itself and any equipment permanently attached or built in. Amore accurate term is self-weight
    dead load
  15. any substitute structural element which is of _ _ than the element previously used to carry and equivalent load is inherently less fire resistant
    less mass
  16. What type of load is defined as any loads other than dead loads?
    live loads
  17. water weighs
    8.34 pounds per gallon
  18. 1000 gallon per minute stream will add _ _ of weight to the building in just 1 minute
    4 tons
  19. this type of load is delivered in a short time
    impact load
  20. any structural member under load must change3 shape. Compression(pushing) loads _ a member; tensile (pulling) loads _ a member
    • shorten
    • lengthen
  21. define " no impact " load:
    no such thing
  22. Buildings housing hazardous processes are isolated and built of _ (easily disintegrated) construction elements
  23. This type of load that is applied slowly and remains constant. A heavy safe is an example of this type of load.
    static load
  24. this type of load is applied intermittently
    repeated load
  25. this type of load is the force applied to a building by the wind
    Wind load
  26. unique giant _ trusses (rectangular trusses with very rigid corner bracing) formed by exterior box columns and spandrels, provide the wind bracing of the New Yorks World Trade Center and allowed the buildings to carry the vertical loads around the openings created by the planes after impact
  27. this type of load is a heavy load located at one point in a building. A steel beam resting on a masonry wall is an example
    concentrated load
  28. In a typical concrete block wall the building designer may insert solid block, brick, reinforced concrete or a _ _ to stiffen the wall and carry the weight of the concentrated load
    wall column
  29. This load is defined as a force that passes through the centroid of the section under consideration. An _ load is perpendicular to the plane of the section.
    Axial load
  30. A structure will sustain its greatest load when the load is what?
  31. This type of load is a force that is perpendicular to the plane of the section but does not pass through the center of the section, thus bending the support members. The load is straight and true but is concentrated to one side of the center of the supporting wall or column.
    Eccentric load
  32. this load is defined as forces that are offset from the shear center of the section under consideration. they are inclined toward, or lie in, the plane of the section thus twisting the supporting member. They are twisting loads
    Torsional loads
  33. This maybe the most important operation of a fire department at certain fires, where unprotected steel structural members are being heated.
    cooling of unprotected steel
  34. This represents the potential fuel available to a fire.
    Fire load
  35. This is the amount of heat required to raise a pound of water one degree fahrenheit is _ _ _.

    The metric equivalent is _
    British Thermal Unit ( BTU)

  36. Wood paper and similar materials are estimated at _Btu/lb
  37. For plastics and combustible liquids _ BTU/lb. Is a commons estimate, though some fuels are much higher
  38. A fire load of _ but/lb of _ lb of ordinary combustibles per sqft is approximately the equivalent of a one-hour exposure to the standard fire endurance test
    • 80,000
    • 10
  39. what is the BTU/sqft for a two hour exposure
  40. steel heated to _ elongates _ inches per _ feet of length
    • 1000 degrees
    • 9
    • 100
  41. cold drawn steel such as cables which are sometimes used to brace failing buildings or as tendons in tensioned concrete fails at what temperature?
    800 degrees fahrenheit
  42. often the first sign of a serious fire in a closed structure is what?
    Violent pressure-failure of the windows described as explosion by witnesses
  43. Some windows are difficult or impossible to break. Some codes require that some windows in high rise buildings be of breakable glass. These are sometimes marked with a _.
    maltese cross
  44. This is defined as a material that contains one or more organic polymeric substances of large molecular weight is sold in its finished state and at manufacturing or processing can be shaped by flow
  45. In the regulation of flammable liquids for example one code used the word flammable to describe liquids that have a flash point below _ degrees farhrenheit
  46. The word _ for those liquids with a flash point above 100 degrees fahrenheit
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