Client care

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  1. All of the following are examples of you in my environmental allergies except:
    1 mole
    2 food
    3 fragrant
    4 animal saliva
  2. The section in the client consultation form allows the nail technician to document any clients past services and products used:
    1 service record
    2 medical history
    3 personal information
    4 professional evaluation
    Service records
  3. During which phase should a new client for a client consultation form?
    1 greeting
    2 delivery
    3 ask analyze an assess
    4 agreement
  4. Questions about the client allergies medications and health conditions are contained in the:
    1 service record
    2 medical history
    3 credit history
    4 professional evaluation
    medical history
  5. What you tell your client about the  feature or benefits of a product is called:
    1 feedback
    2 a product statement
    3 word of mouth
    4  an evaluation
    A product statement
  6. Soliciting feedback from your client is done during which phase of service:
    1 greeting
    2 delivery
    3 completion
    4 ask analyze and assess
  7. All of the following are ways to greet a client professionally and respectfully except:
    1 shake and firmly
    2 offer a friendly smile
    3 avoid direct eye contact 
    4welcome the client warmly
    Avoid direct eye contact
  8. Which of the following statements should be used during a care call with a client
    1 what about your products
    2 I've been very busy during this promotion
    3 how are your new products working for you
    4 I went on vacation last week and had a great time
    how are your new products working for you
  9. One of the goals of the delivery phrase is to ensure:
    1client comfort
    2 a friendly greeting
    3 good record keeping
    4 home care recommendations
    Client comfort
  10. Which of the following sections does not belong on a typical client consultation form:
    1 service record
    2 personal information
    3 credit history
    4 medical history
    Credit history
  11. When should you follow up with a call or a note:
    1 before the client leaves the salon
    2 following every client who is new to you
    3 after a complaint from the client
    4 following the first few visits
    Filing every client who is new to
  12. Which tone of voice is most appreciated and professional settings:
    1 loud and high pitched
    2 firm and Low-key
    3 monotone
    4 soft and has a temp
    Firm and low-key
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