VTNE: Surgical Nursing

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  1. The safe minimum standard for autoclave sterilization is
    • 121 degrees Celsius
    • 13 minutes
  2. Describe the scale for suture sizing
    • large (5) decreasing to 1 (still heavy)
    • then into the ought sizes: 0 to 4-0 standard surgery
    • 5-0 to 8-0- vascular work
    • 8-0 to 10-0- ophthalmic surgery
  3. What scissors would be used for delicate tissue?
  4. What scissors are used for tough tissue?
  5. Desired contact time when using povidone-iodine scrub?
    5 mins
  6. Describe the modified dorsal position
    head lower than tail, used in abdominal surgery
  7. Describe the modified reverse dorsal position
    head slightly higher than tail, patient could slide caudally
  8. Celiotomy
    incision into the abdominal cavity
  9. Enterotomy
    cutting into the small intestine
  10. Gastrotomy
    cutting into the stomach
  11. colectomy
    removing part of the colon
  12. Onychectomy
    removal of claws and phalanges
  13. Orchidectomy
    removal of testicles
  14. Oophorectomy
    removal of ovaries
  15. Caudectomy
    tail removal
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