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  1. A diaphanous fabric
    is thin and transparent
  2. A reprehensible action
    is very bad indeed
  3. A nondescript person
    has no special features
  4. A desolate landscape
    is barren and uninhabited
  5. A explicit remark
    is very clear and hides nothing
  6. Gaudy trinkets
    are showy items of little value
  7. To tread gingerly
    is to step cautiously
  8. To languish from neglect
    is to become weak
  9. To cast an aspersion
    is to slander
  10. A nefarious action
    is wicked
  11. A glib tongue
    is fluent but insincere
  12. A derivative work
    is not original
  13. Wistful feelings
    indicate sadness and longing
  14. An elliptical remark
    is indirect
  15. To lament a situation
    is to express regret about it
  16. Therapeutic measures
    are intended to cure
  17. A venerable elder
    deserves respect or reverence
  18. Connoisseurs of art
    are experts with refined taste
  19. Plausible explanations
    are likely to be believed
  20. Visceral reactions
    are instinctive or ‘gut’ reactions
  21. Jingoistic speech
    is intended to stir up patriotic feelings
  22. A convivial atmosphere
    is sociable and friendly
  23. Churlish behavior
    is rude
  24. To underscore a point
    is to emphasize the point
  25. A stringent law
    is very strict
  26. To assuage thirst
    makes it less
  27. To jettison baggage
    is to throw it away
  28. An inherent flaw
    is inbuilt or innate
  29. A torrid climate
    is hot and humid
  30. A dispassionate attitude
    is unbiased and calm
  31. A judicious biography
    is a fair account
  32. A succulent fruit
    is juicy
  33. Effusive greetings
    are ‘gushing’ and excessive
  34. A multifaceted problem
    has many sides or aspects
  35. A succinct analysis
    is short and well-expressed
  36. Erudite remarks
    are wise and inspired by deep learning
  37. A salutary experience
    is good because it teaches you a lesson
  38. Sundry items
    are miscellaneous or odd items
  39. Perfidious actions
    are treacherous and disloyal
  40. Hedonistic behavior
    is pleasure-seeking
  41. Bombastic language
    is pompous and excessive
  42. A pastoral novel
    is set in the countryside
  43. A resurgence of interest
    is a revival
  44. Sporadic outbreaks of a disease
    are occasional not continuous
  45. An imponderable problem
    cannot be worked out
  46. To bolster an argument
    is to give it more support
  47. A palpable lie
    is obvious
  48. A jaded appetite
    is dull or tired from over-indulgence
  49. To be nonplussed
    is to feel confused and bewildered
  50. A lugubrious atmosphere
    is very sad and gloomy
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