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  1. To scotch a rumor
    stops it in its tracks
  2. Intermittent rain
    is on and off
  3. Halcyon days of summer
    are idyllically calm and peaceful
  4. Runic symbols
    are very mysterious
  5. A travesty of justice
    is a blatant miscarriage of the law
  6. A mnemonic device
    is a memory aid
  7. A redoubtable opponent
    is formidable
  8. To sequester a jury
    is to isolate them from others
  9. To regurgitate facts
    is to repeat what has been learnt by heart
  10. Fulsome praise
    is glowing and excessive
  11. A sardonic smile
    is mocking
  12. An anomalous result
    is odd and doesn’t fit the pattern
  13. A salubrious climate
    is healthful
  14. To perpetrate a crime
    is to carry it out
  15. A puerile joke
    is childish
  16. Fitful sleep
    is “on and off’ not continuous
  17. An inscrutable expression
    cannot be easily understood
  18. A callous attitude
    is cruel and unfeeling
  19. A litigious society
    frequently takes legal action
  20. An insufferable boor
    is intolerably rude
  21. Florid language
    is flowery and excessive
  22. Meticulous planning
    is careful and detailed
  23. Consecrated ground
    is holy
  24. To quell a rebellion
    is to suppress the revolt
  25. A holistic approach
    takes everything into consideration
  26. To exacerbate a problem
    makes it worse
  27. To condone violence
  28. To belabor a point
  29. To ratify an agreement
    is to give official approval
  30. A motley crew
    is a varied collection of people
  31. An equitable arrangement
    is fair to all
  32. A contagious disease
    is passed on through physical contact
  33. Inane remarks
    are silly and meaningless
  34. The embodiment of goodness
    acts as a clear example of goodness
  35. To circumvent a problem
    is to avoid
  36. Meager savings
    are small
  37. A derelict building
    is neglected and falling down
  38. Indomitable courage
    cannot be defeated
  39. Prudent investments
    are wise and cautious
  40. Exhaustive investigations
    are very thorough indeed
  41. To appease anger
    makes anger less
  42. Indulgent parents
    are kindly and give the child whatever he or she wants
  43. A circuitous route
    is indirect
  44. A disparity in income
    is inequality
  45. An endemic disease
    is native to a particular region
  46. A prolific writer
    writes a lot
  47. A staunch supporter
    is loyal and firm
  48. A cryptic remark
    is mysterious or hidden
  49. A supercilious manner
    is arrogant and condescending
  50. An obsequious manner
    is groveling and sucking up to someone
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