Lines 1015-1165

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  1. παρεστι
    it is possible
  2. ἀπων (ἀπειμι)
    being absent
  3. λελεκται (λεγω)
    it is said
  4. διεξιων
    working out
  5. ὁρκιον (ος  ον)
    of oaths
  6. ἀλητευων (ἀλητευω)
  7. σαρκας (ἡ σαρξ)
    flesh, body
  8. δειμαινουσ᾽ (δειμαινω)
    being afraid
  9. περα
    (adv) further
  10. ἀρκουσαν (ἀρκεω)
    warding off
  11. την ἀποστροφην
    an averting, rebuttal
  12. ἐπωιδος (ἐπῳδος  ον)
  13. ὁ γοης
    a sorcerer
  14. πεποιθεν (πειθω)
    he is persuaded, convinced
  15. τῃ εὐοργησιαι
    calm temper
  16. τον τεκοντ᾽
    the one who engendered him
  17. ἐκτεινα (κτεινω)
    I killed
  18. ἐζημιουν (ζημιοω)
    I punished
  19. ἠξιους (ἀξιοω)
    you were thinking worthy, were daring
  20. ὁ μισθος
    the penalty, price
  21. τον μηνυτην
    a bringing to light, the testimony?
  22. περαν
    • adv
    • on the other side, across
  23. των τοπων Ἀτλκαντικων
    the pillars of Atlas
  24. των μαντεων
    of seers, prophets
  25. ἀκριτον (ος  ον)
    untried, without trial
  26. ἐλεγξας
    having examined
  27. τον κληρον
    the lot/portion
  28. δεδεγμενη (δεχομαι)
    accepting, receiving
  29. NB τους ὀρνις
    the birds
  30. διολλυμαι
    I am utterly destroyed
  31. συγχεαιμ᾽ (συγχεω)
    I would break
  32. ὠμοσα (ὀμνυμι)
    I swore
  33. τους λυμεωνας
  34. κομιζων
    taking in
  35. ξυνοικουρους (oς  ον)
    living at home together, being companions
  36. το ἡπαρ
    the heart (lit. the liver - centre of passions)
  37. προγιγνωσκειν
    to know in advance, have forethought
  38. γηρυσαισθε (γηρυω)
    you would utter
  39. λεγον
    • neut participle!
    • saying
  40. μηνυει (μηνυω)
    it discloses
  41. ἠσκησας (ἀσκεω)
    you worked, practised
  42. γοναι
    births, offspring
  43. ξενουσθαι (ξενοω)
    to entertain; to be banished
  44. προυννεποντα (προεννεπω)
  45. ὁ οἰκτος
  46. ἀραρεν (ἀραρισκω)
    it is fixed, joined
  47. συνθακε (συνθακος  ον)
    sitting with
  48. φευξουμεσθα
    we will flee
  49. ἐγκαθηβαν (ἐγκαθηβαω)
    to pass one's youth
  50. οἱ ὁμηλικες
    men of the same age
  51. τα μελεδημαθ᾽
    cares, anxieties
  52. παραιρει (παραιρεω)
    it takes away
  53. την ξυνεσιν
    a union; judgement, understanding
  54. κευθων (κευθω)
  55. τοις ἐργμασι
  56. ὁ αἰων
  57. πολυπλανητος (ος  ον)
  58. εὐξαμεναι
    having prayed
  59. θεοθεν
    adv from the gods
  60. ἡ δοξα
    expectations, opinions
  61. ἀτρεκης ες
    exact, strict
  62. παρασημος  oν
  63. τα ἠθεα
    customs, habits
  64. (τον) αὐριον
    • adv
    • tomorrow (the morrow)
  65. συνευτυχοιην
    I would be fortunate with
  66. καθαραν (ος  α  ον)
  67. παρα δ᾽ἐπλιδ᾽
    beyond expectations
  68. ἱεμενον
    being sent forth
  69. της πολιητιδος
  70. ὁ δρυμος
    copse, thicket
  71. του ὀρεος
    of the mountain
  72. ἐναιρεν (ἐναιρω)
    he was slaying
  73. τον τροχον
    the course
  74. ἡ μουσα
    the music
  75. ἀυπνος ον
  76. τῃ ἀντυγι
    the lyre frame
  77. την χορδαν
    lyre chord/string
  78. ληξει (ληγω)
    it will cease
  79. ἀστεφανοι (ος  ον)
  80. αἱ ἀναπαυλαι
    resting places
  81. νυμφιδια ἁμιλλα
    bridal contest
  82. ποτμον ἀποτμον
    unhappy destiny
  83. ἀνονατα (ἀνονητος)
    unprofitable, for no purpose
  84. μανιω
    I rage
  85. ὀπαδον (ὀπηδος  ον)
  86. σκυθρωπον (ος  ον)
    sad, gloomy
  87. σημηνατ᾽
    show a sign!
  88. της μεριμνης
    (of) care, concern
  89. κατειληφ᾽ (καταλαμβανω)
    it has seized
  90. της ῥοπης
    on the turning point, the verge
  91. κατηισχυν᾽
    he dishonoured
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