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  1. what is trajectory?
    arching flight path of the round from the muzzle of the weapon to the target
  2. what is ordinate?
    elevation of the flight path of the round above the line of sight
  3. what is the maximum ordinate?
    max elevation of that round above the line of sight along its flight path. this distance is reached at 2/3 the distance of the target
  4. what is the degree of the cone of fire?
    2 mils
  5. what is traversing fire?
    fire against a wide target requiring changes in direction
  6. what is seraching fire?
    fire against a target in depth requiring changes in elevation
  7. what is swinging taverse?
    fire where major changes in direction with little in elevation
  8. what are the employment prnciples?
    • picmdeep
    • pairs
    • interlocking fires
    • coordination of fires
    • mutual support
    • defilade
    • enfilade
    • economy
    • protection
  9. what is the most preferred position for a mg?
    • t shape
    • will provide both primary and secondary sectors of fire
  10. what are some displacement considerations?
    • method
    • objective
    • route
    • time
  11. how much does the m2 weigh?
    128 pounds
  12. what are the rates of fire for the m2?
    • sustained-less than 40 rpm
    • rapid- 40 or more rpm
    • cyclic- 450-550
  13. what are the ranges for the m2?
    • max 7400m
    • mex ef 1830 m
    • grazing fire 700m
  14. how many mils of traverse are on a traversing bar?
  15. which tripod is used for the m2?
  16. how much does the mk19 weigh?
  17. what are the rates of fire for the mk19
    • sustained 40 rpm 3-5 burst
    • rapid 60 rpm
    • cyclic 325-375 rpm
  18. what are the ranges for a mk19?
    • MAX 2212
    • max ef area 2212
    • max ef point 1500
    • min safe distance training 310
    • min safe dis com 75
  19. how much armor plating can mk19 penetrate?
    2 inches
  20. what tripod is used for the mk19?
  21. how much does the m249 weigh loaded with drum?
    23.92 pounds
  22. what are the ranges for the m249?
    • max 3600 m
    • point 800m
    • area 1000m
    • grazing 600m
    • tracer burnout 900m
  23. what are the rates of fire for the m249?
    • sustained 50 rpm
    • rapid 100 rpm
    • cyclic 850 rpm
  24. when to change barrel on m249?
    • hot barrel/rapid 200 rounds or more in 2 min or less
    • sustained rate- 500 rounds within 10 min
    • cyclic rate- 850 fired within min
  25. characteristics of mg section?
    • section ldr ssgt
    • three squads per section
    • two mg teams per squad
    • 6 per section 2 per squad 1 per ft
    • total 22 marines
  26. characteristics of a assault section?
    • section ldr sgt
    • six mk153 smaws per section two per squad one per team
    • total 13 marines
  27. how many 81 mm per plt?
    8 broken down into 3 mortars per section and one per squad
  28. how much does the m240 weigh?
    47.1 pounds
  29. what are the rates of fire for the m240?
    • sustained 100 rpm
    • rapid 200 rpm
    • cyclic 650 rpm
  30. what are the ranges for the m240?
    • max 3725
    • ef 1800
    • grazing 600 m
  31. what tripod does the m240 use?
  32. what are the training principles?
    • train as you fight
    • make commanders responisble for training
    • use standards based training
    • use performance oriented traning
    • use mission oriented training
    • train to sustain proficiency
    • train to challenge
  33. what is the def of movement to contact?
    • form of the offense designed to develop the situation and to establish or
    • regain contact
  34. when would you use movement to contact?
    • You are assigned a terrain/enemy oriented task with uncertain enemy situation where
    • time/space is a factor
  35. What does a commander consider when selecting a formation
    for movement?
    Speed, security, control, deployability
  36. what formation do you use in contact remote?
    route column
  37. What is contact remote?
    Friendly unit is between him and the enemy. The greatest threat is from aircraft and long range artillery
  38. what formation do you use when contact possible?
    tactical column
  39. what does an advanced guard send out front?
    advanced party
  40. what does the advanced party send forward?
  41. what formation do you use when contact imminent?
    approach march
  42. when does movement to contact end?
    Transition to the defense, makes decisive contact with the enemy
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