PCOM Final Points4 Divergent pathology

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  1. Disorders of the throat: tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis and vocal disorder order.
    • LU
    • LU10, LU11
  2. Disorder of the lung channel, plus, carpal tunnel, cough, asthma, breathlessness, and plum pit qi.
    • LU
    • LU1
  3. Mastitis, fibrocystic breast disorder, myalgia, chest pain
    • LI
    • LI10, LI11, ST18, REN17, LV3
  4. Disorders of the upperback, chest, lung, throat, and Large Intestines.
    • LI
    • LI10, LI11, LU7, DU14
  5. Indigestion, hiatal hernia causing insomnia, poor appetite, epigastric pain.
    • Stomach
    • ST36, ST40, PC6, HT7, Ren10
  6. Sinusitis, yang ming headache, food allergies
    • Stomach
    • St43, ST44,┬áST36, ST37,
  7. Excessive qi and blood rushing to the eyes.
    • Stomach
    • ST30
  8. Deficiency of Qi and Blood, mental disorder
    • Spleen
    • SP3, SP4, PC6, HT7
  9. Digestive disorders, distention, pain and spasm, flatulence, diarrhea, borborygmus, hematemesis, tarry stools
    • Spleen
    • ST30
  10. Damp phlegm accumulating in the throat causing cronic throat and thyroid disorders
    • Spleen
    • SP3, ST40, PC5
  11. sores or ulcers of mouth and tongue, stiffness of the tongue, unclear speech due to damp phlegm accumulating at the tongue.
    • Spleen
    • SP2,3,6
  12. Disorders of the throat, vocal cords, layngitis, pharyngitis, hoarseness and aphonia.
    • Heart
    • HT5, HT8, LI4, LU7
  13. Disorders of the canthus
    • Heart
    • HT5, HT8, HT9, UB1, SI4
  14. Dram-disturbed sleep, red tongue, tongue ulcer, restlessness and burning, yellow and unsmooth urination.
    • Small Intestines
    • SI4, SI7, HT5, SP6
  15. Chest pain, palpitation, hypertension
    • Small Intestines
    • SI10, PC6, HT7, SI11, ST36
  16. Swelling or pain at the axilla due to stagnation and accumulation of heat toxin transferring from the area of the face and neck.
    • Small Intestines
    • HT1, SI2, SI17, 18
  17. Hemorrhoids and prolapse of the recturm
    • UB
    • UB57, UB40, UB35
  18. Heart flares up, yellow scanty burning urination, enuresis
    • UB
    • UB58, 66, 33
  19. pain and stiffness of the nape and neck, knee joint, popliteal fossa, m. gastrocnemius
    • UB
    • UB40, 10
  20. hormonal imbalance, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, infertility and PMS
    • UB
    • UB32, 31, 10
  21. Dai mai disorders, leukorrhea, weakness and paralysis of the lumbar and lower extremities, pain and tightness of the groin
    • KD
    • KD6,3, DU4, GB26
  22. occipital headaches occurs around time of menstruation
    • KD
    • KD6,8,10,16, UB10,9,23
  23. Disorders of the brai nand mind
    • KD
    • KD3,6
  24. Aphasia, stiffness or flaccidity of the tongue, difficult speech
    • KD
    • KD6,10, UB10, REN23
  25. neck pain
    • PC
    • PC6, SJ5,4, GB12
  26. Plum pit qi
    • PC
    • PC5,6,ST40, HT5, REN22
  27. Dizzyness, headache on both sides and at the vortexx
    • SJ
    • SJ3,5, Lv3,2, DU20
  28. Prolapse of the organs, light headedness, low spirits, depression
    • SJ
    • SJ4, DU20, Ren6, ST36
  29. Stiffness and pain, cough, asthma, dyspnea, suffocating sensation, anxiety, palpitation
    • SJ
    • SJ3,5, Ren17, PC6
  30. Palpitation, insomnia, easily frightened, chest fullness an pain, sour regurgitation, bitter taste in mouth
    • GB
    • GB34,41,24,LV3,14,SJ5
  31. Damp heat accumulating in the lower jiao
    GB37,41,LV3, SJ5
  32. sciatica and pain referring to the lower extremities from eyes
    • GB
    • GB1
  33. Urogential disorders
    • Lv
    • LV5,8,GB41, SJ5, Ren3
  34. disorders of the hip and lower extremities, injury of the foot, impaired movement of the leg,
    • LV
    • LV3, GB30
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