SCBA questions

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  1. The backpack has three
    integrated carrying handles with carabiner attachment points rated at ____ lbs.
    1000 lbs
  2. The intermediate pressure hose is mounted over the ___ shoulder
  3. The backpack is designed to
    transfer __% of the load to hips for less shoulder fatigue.
  4. The backpack harness and
    cylinder weight approximately 30.25 lbs.
    30.25 lbs.
  5. A LED flash every __ seconds indicates good battery. The LED flashes every _ seconds
    indicating adequate battery charge. No LED flashing indicates a dead battery.
    • 10 sec
    • 2 sec
  6. 45 min bottle has how many cu.ft of air
    60 min bottle      "        "         "          "
    • 45 min-  65.6 cuft
    • 60 min-  87 cu ft
  7. The first stage regulator lowers cylinder air pressure to a nominal __ psi. The
    relief valve activates to protect the system when the regulator pressure exceeds ___
    to ___ psi.
    115 psi

  8. This low pressure SCBA audible alarm
    activates at 1035 to 1215 (1/4 left in bottle). The audible alarm will continue to sound until the air pressure drops below 200 psi.
    1035 to 1215

  9. When the pressure drops below 50% of cylinder capacity, the LED representing 1/2 cylinder capacity starts to flash, and continues to flash for a short time (__sec) on the HUD.
  10. Lack of movement for __ seconds will
    activate the staged alarm on PASS with LED lights alternating green and red. Volume
    increases every _ seconds of inactivity with full alarm being reached at __ to __
    • 20 sec.
    • 5 sec.
    • 30 to 45 sec.
  11. Minimum requirement is __
    decibels. Warrior provides between __ and __ decibels in full alarm.
    • 95 decibles
    • 97 to 103
  12. The buddy breather system consists of __
    inch intermediate pressure hose with a "Y" block male and female quick connect fitting. A storage pouch is located on the ___ hip belt. When connected, the SCBA with higher pressure will supply both breathers until the higher psi bottle is exhausted, then switches to lower psi bottle.
    • 39"
    • left hip
  13. The Warrior SCBA includes a ____ TwentyTwenty Plus facepiece.
  14. If the filter is deployed, the member
    must forward an F-225 to the ____ _____ _____outlining the circumstances requiring its use, with an F-80 attached for replacement.
    Emergency service bureau
  15. The HUD LED is located on the bottom ___  side. It will illuminate amber continuously indicating low battery
  16. Maintenance
    C heck air pressure indicated on pressure gauge for approximately __ seconds, watching for a drop in PSI
  17. Disinfect the facepiece in a warm suitable sanitizing solution, such as a "hypochlorite solution" (__ tablespoons of chlorine bleach per gallon of water), for _ to three _ minutes
    • 2 tablespoons
    • 2 to 3 min.
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