ABSITE Ch3: Blood products

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  1. Which blood products do not carry a risk of HIV and hepatitis?
    • Albumin¬†
    • Serum globulins
  2. What is donated blood screened for?
    • HIV
    • HepB
    • HepC
    • HTLV
    • Syphilis
    • West Nile Virus
  3. When do you use CMV-negative blood?
    • Low-birth-weight infants
    • Bone marrow transplant patients
    • Orthe transplant patients
  4. #1 cause of death from transfusion reaction?
    Clerical error leading to ABO incompatability
  5. Acute hemolysis reaction?
    • From ABO incompatability
    • Back pain, chills, tachycardia, fever, hemoglobinuria ->¬†ATN, DIC, and/or shock
    • Haptoglobin <50, free Hgb >5, increased unconjugated bili
    • Tx with fluids, diuretics, HCO3, pressors, and antihistamines
  6. Delayed hemolysis reaction?
    • Antibody-mediated against minor antigens
    • Observe if stable
  7. Nonimmune hemolysis?
    • From swueezed blood
    • Tx with fluids and diuretics
  8. What is the most common transfusion reaction?
    Febrile nonhemolytic transfusion reaction
  9. Febrile nonhemolytic transfusion reaction?
    • Recipient antibody reaction against donor RBCs
    • Discontinue if pt has had previous transfusions or if occurs soon after transfusion has begun
    • Use WBC filters for subsequent transfusions
  10. Anaphylaxis?
    • Presents as bronchospasm, hypotension, urticaria
    • Usually recipient antibodies against donor IgA
    • Tx with fluids, Lasix, pressors, steroids, epi, and Benadryl
  11. TRALI
    • Rare
    • Caused by donor antibodies to recipient WBCs
    • Causes clot in pulmonary capillaries
  12. Most common bacterial contaminate of blood products?
    GNRs, usually E coli
  13. How many units to cause dilutional thrombocytopenia?
    Approx 10 U
  14. Most common electrolyte abnormality after massive transfusion?
    Hypocalcemia - disrupts clotting
  15. Most common blood product source of contamination?
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