Day 47

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  1. amiable
    adj. friendly, amicable, genial, cordial   정감있는, 쾌활한, 상냥한

    The amiable Cassidy made many friends among her neighbors.
  2. arduous
    adj. difficult, laborious, strenuous   몹시 힘든, 고된

    Tom's family had an arduous journey in the mountains this summer.
  3. ascend
    v. climb, mount, go up                오르다, 올라가다

    Jack ascended the back stairs to carry his wife to their room.
  4. atmosphere
    n. air, ambiance, aura               공기, 분위기

    An atmosphere of optimism dominated the wedding reception.  
  5. awe
    n. amazement, surprise, wonder       경외심

    The complexity of the universe inspires great awe.
  6. completely
    adv. totally, perfectly, entirely, utterly 완전히
  7. cram
    v. jam, stuff                       밀어넣다, 쑤셔넣다, 벼락치기

    The kids crammed the fireplace full of pine-boughs.
  8. dilemma
    n. difficult situation, predicament, strait 딜레마, 곤경

    The disposal of wastes was a dilemma that had to be dealt with.
  9. discharge (2)
    v. 1. release, set free, liberate    (군인 환자 등을) 해방시키다

    v. 2. release                    방출하다
  10. enlist
    v. join in, enroll                          입대하다

    Dasch enlisted in the German army at the age of 14.
  11. enterprise
    n. undertaking                            기업, 회사

    Andrea soon discovered that her new enterprise was far mroe work than she had expected.
  12. escalate
    v. increase, intensify, mount, rise   확대되다, 증가되다, 오르다

    The civilians don't want the fighting to escalate into a full-scale war.
  13. estimate
    v. assess, evaluate, judge          평가하다, 추정, 추산

    John tried to estimate the cost of the repairs.
  14. green hand
    phr. untrained worker                미숙한 사람, 미숙아

    Mr. kim is a green hand at foreign trade.
  15. inclined (2)
    adj. 1. apt, liable, prone, disposed   ~의 경향이 있는

    Caucasians are more inclined to get skin cancer than other races.

    adj. 2. slanted, tilted            경사진, 기울어진
  16. incoherent
    adj. disordered, unintelligible      두서 없는, 앞뒤가 안 맞는 말을 하는

    Incoherent speech is a possible indicator of a head injury.
  17. innovate
    v. create, pioneer             혁신하다, 획기적으로

    When people are free from bureaucratic constraints, they can often innovate more creatively.
  18. landing
    n. cargo, load, freight                화물

    The port of Singapore handles many tons of landing each year.
  19. original (2)
    adj. 1. imaginative, creative, inventive  독창적인

    adj. 2. initial, primary, early            처음의
  20. outrageous
    adj. shocking, offensive, intolerable    지나친, 엄청난, 너무 충격적인

    the company spokesman was fired for making outrageous statements.
  21. picture
    v. represent, portray                  묘사하다
  22. preliminary
    adj. initial, introductory, preparatory   서두의, 예비의

    Preliminary research indicates that solar radiation may have decreased by as much as 10 percent.
  23. preoccupation
    n. fascination, absorption, obsession  몰두, 강박 관념, 사로잡힘

    Ford hoped his action would end the nation's preoccupation with Watergate.
  24. preserve
    v. protect, save, maintain            보호하다, 보존하다

    The senator took important steps to preserve the wildlife of his state.
  25. radiant
    adj. bright, vivid, brilliant              빛나는
  26. research
    v. investigate, study, examine          조사하다,연구하다
  27. reverence
    n. worship, veneration, homage         존경, 숭배
  28. reverse
    n. invert                        뒤집다
  29. right
    adj. correct, proper, appropriate    옳은, 적절한
  30. satire
    n. irony, sarcasm                      풍자

    The columnist wrote a satire on the lives of the rich and the famous.
  31. segregate
    v. seclude, separate, dissociate, disunite 떼어놓다, 분리하다
  32. stable
    adj. unchangeable, invariable, constant  안정된
  33. strong
    adj. robust, mighty                      강한
  34. tease
    v. irritate, bother                            괴롭히다
  35. tempting
    adj. inviting, attractive, appealing, appetizing 매력적인, 유혹하는
  36. type
    n. kind, sort                              유형
  37. underlying
    adj. fundamental, basic, elementary  근원적인, 기저의
  38. vein
    n. blood vessel                      정맥
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