Jesup Subdivision Test

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  1. What is the authorized speed on track #1 between south Waycross and Astoria?
    45 MPH
  2. What is the milepost prefix for the Jesup sub between Waycross and Folkston?
  3. What is the milepost location for the north end of Race Pond?
    ANA 607.0
  4. What is the milepost location where the Jesup and Nahunta subdivisions meet at Folkston?
    • Jesup Sub : ANA 621.1
    • Nahunta Sub : A 602.2
  5. How many intermediate signals are between the following locations?

    Astoria and Braganza
    Braganza and Race Pond
    Race Pond and Hague
    • Astoria and Braganza : 1
    • Braganza and Race Pong : 2
    • Race Pond and Hague : 3
  6. What dispatcher console controls the movement on the Jesup sub?
  7. What radio channel and tone is used to contact the train dispatcher on the Jesup sub?
    • Channel 14
    • Tone 5
  8. What is the permanent speed restriction on the number 2 main track between milepost ANA 620.9 and ANA 621.1?
    40 MPH
  9. Give the name and milepost location for the defect detectors on the Jesup subdivision between Waycross and Folkston.
    • Braganza ANA 594.7
    • Hague ANA 611.0

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