PCOM Points4 Final Regular pathologies

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  1. 6 Function of UB
    • Distribute qi to surface: immunity
    • Circulate qi to nourish the muscles and tendons:  including injury
    • Direct qi to the brain and stab emotions: dian kuang, epilepsy, depression
    • Regulate the function of UB and Kidney
    • All zhang and Fu: back shu
  2. 5 Function of the KD
    • Circulate kidney qi and essence: bone, reproduction, brain
    • Stomach and Spleen: hunger without desire
    • Lung and Heart: SOB, easily frightened
    • Liver: dizziness, withered complexion
    • Throat and tongue: dry tongue, vocal cords.
  3. 5 functions of the PC
    • Regulate blood and blood vessels: high lipid
    • House the mind: delirum, incessant laughing
    • Qi of the chest: cough, asthma, depression
    • Distribute qi to stomach and diaphram: hiccup, vomitting
    • Distribute qi to PC channel
  4. 6 functions of the SJ
    • Qi of whole body: qi/blood/fluid stagnation, masses
    • Distribute qi to head/face/side of body: 
    • Fluid circulation: edema, dryness
    • Shao yang syndrome:
    • Lymphatic and endocrine:  glands
    • All 3 jiaos:
  5. 6 Function of the GB
    • Regulate qi to side of body/head/sense organ: tinnitus, one sided migraine
    • Bones and joints: All jonts, all bi syndrome
    • Shao Yang
    • Harmonize the LV/GB: entire digestive process, bile
    • Lymphatic and immunity:
    • Emotion and mental balance: good judgement, depression, low self esteem
  6. 4 function of the liver
    • free flow of qi: circulate all blood and liquid
    • Mental and emotional: depression, anger
    • Regulate internal organs: LV/GB, SP/ST, KD/UB, HT/LU
    • Endocrine:  Lymphagic=SJ/LIV, Endocrine=SJ/GB
  7. 5 functions of the DU
    • All Yang channel: all 6 yang + Yang wei + Yang Qiao + Dai and DU
    • Provide heat to organs:
    • Brain, head, sense: nervous system
    • Immunity: slow growth, defect, low immunity
    • Associated channels and organs:
  8. 6 functions of Ren
    • All yin channels: 
    • All disorders of excess or def of yin.
    • Reproductive
    • All internal organs
    • Distributes yin qi to sense organs
    • 7 Hernias
  9. 2 functions of the Chong mail
    • Store and regulate blood: all blood diseases, facial hair in woman
    • Regulate 12 regular channels: Rebellious qi, more effective at blood disorder than ren.
  10. 3 functions of the Dai mai
    • All channels that travel longitudinally: du, ren, chong, yin/yang wei, yin/yang qiao, all 6 regular channels of foot.
    • Leukorrhea: all discharge, menstruation
    • GB channel: all GB func
  11. 4 functions of the Yang/Yin Qiao
    • yin/yang of lower extremities: yin Shi=medial spasm, lateral flaccid, inversion of foot.  Yang shi=lateral spasm, medial flaccid, eversion of foot
    • Sleep: yin shi=somnolence, yang shi=insomnia
    • Brain: yin shi/yang shi=epilepsy, yin shi= hypoactivity, yang shi=hyperactivity
    • KD channel disorders by Yin qiao.  UB channel disorder by Yang qiao
  12. 3 function of the yang wei
    • Exterior: tai yang and shao yang
    • Balance yang qi:  dizziness, lassitude
    • Balance emotions: depression, compulsive, anger
  13. 2 function of the yin wei
    • Dominates the organ:
    • Balance emotions: uneasiness, low self esteem
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