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  1. antidiuretic syndrome. specific gravities assess what?
    fluid vol. status.
  2. renal failure. mg levels high. assess what?
  3. burn unit, 3rd spacing. fluid shift. expect pt to demonstrate?
  4. hyperventilation is most common cause of what acid base imbalance?
    resp. alkalosis.
  5. oh 7.26, co2 28, bicarb 11.
    metabolic acidosis, compensating alkalosis.
  6. edema around insertion site. what is it?
  7. skin turgor. what do you remember?
    inelastic skin turgor is normal part of aging.
  8. periph IV before pt goes to OR, selecting a site.
    choose distal site
  9. medical ICU, hypertonic solution, low blood pressure. how?
    osmosis and osmolality
  10. 65 female. renal failure. tingling lips and fingers. spasm in wrist and hands.
  11. patient in renal failure ability to regulate ph. what is the cause...
    the kidneys regenerate and reabsorb bicarb to maintain stable ph
  12. 65yom. pyloric stenosis, NG tube suction for 72 hours.
    metabolic alkalosis
  13. preparing IV site.
    ask patient if allergic to latex
  14. SOB, ABGs drawn. ph 7.21, co2 64, bicarb 23, what is it.
    resp acidosis.
  15. oliguric , acute care NP orders fluid challenge. why?
    help distinguish reduced renal blood flow from reduced renal fx.
  16. home health nurse, 84, poor skin turgor
  17. limiting fluids, adjusting timing of fluids.
  18. 74M, slip carpet on home. hip fx. axious and thirsty.
    sympathetic rx.
  19. skills lab IV technique. excess hair?
  20. evaluating lab results. cause release of ADH?
    increased NA+
  21. admitting pt with ephysema. co2 56-64. cautious admitting oxygen?
  22. electrolytes arterial to capillary fluids.
    hydrostatic. pumping of heart.
  23. 77M fell off roof. creatinine levels increased?
    reduced renal fx.
  24. IV site infltration of med. what is it?
    extravasation of site
  25. post colon resection. ng tube patent. cramps. tingling feet.
    dilute of urine.
  26. oncoogy floor. metastatic brain CA.
  27. multiple traumas, ABGs x4. assess what?
    hco3 buffer system.
  28. met acidosis. role of kidneys in this?
    kidneys excrete hydrogen ions
  29. ICU, resp acidosis, what dx can cause this?
    guillian barre
  30. ICU, trauma, trouble breathing, abd pain.
    mixed metabolic acidosis with resp acidosis.
  31. isotonic fluids close to ECF. infuse electrolytes when?
    never. rupture RBCs
  32. family concerns with status. tachy, lethargic, weak, edema. what is it?
  33. met acidosis 2 forms. what causes normal anion gap?
    excessive administration of chloride
  34. met. alk. ng tube. bowel obstruction. what drug to have?
    semetidine (antacid)
  35. pancreatitis. malnourished. TPN. why would you know to do it slowly?
    hypocalcemia. avoid shifts in electrolytes.
  36. secondary hypermag. assess what?
    shallow resp.
  37. increase K+ with diet?
  38. chvostek sign.
  39. DM. ketone bodies.
  40. DM, criteria?
    fasting blood glucose of greater 126
  41. new DM2. guidelines to teach?
    control cal intake resonable body wt.
  42. what will decrease body need to insulin.
  43. humolog. teach what?
    have meal tray available.
  44. dx with type 2. sick day rules.
    do no limit insulin with nausea and vomit.
  45. what type of oral dm agent?
  46. students, studying DM, macrovascular complication?
    stroke. MACRO.
  47. senior health class, risk factor for DM, what can't be modified?
    advanced age.
  48. sx of hyperglycemia. DM, 15yo
    type 1
  49. type 1, pt asks what causes, what you say?
    destruction of cells.
  50. type 1 DM, glycosuria, what urine look like?
  51. primary tx of type 2 dm?
    follow wt loss plan.
  52. DM RN educator, ADA recommendations?
    50-60% calories from carbs, 20-30 from fat, rest from protein
  53. 88yo with DM brought by daughter
    fluid and electrolyte replacement.
  54. pt teaching. best way to assess pt can prepare insulin?
    direct observation of skill
  55. elderly pt clinic. DM. foot care.
    avoid complications associate with foot ulcers.
  56. sick day rules. needs further teaching.
    will not take when sick, but will recheck Q2
  57. which pt will have greatest success in maintaining?
    pt who adheres to meal plan
  58. spilling sugar into urine, gestation DM.
    200 after fasting.
  59. which pt what hyperosmolar non ketonic
    type 2 or no known
  60. new DM2, 67 yo, long term complication?
    cardiovascular dx
  61. pt divorce. custody battle, drinking, lost job.
  62. MD explain diabetic neuropathy, what cause?
    causes aren't known for sure.
  63. adolescent, what causes diabetes?
    genetic, environmental and immunologic
  64. contributing cause to foot ulcer?
    insensitive feet.
  65. DM educator, hypoglycemia as what?
    below 60
  66. summer camp, prevent hypoglycemia
    always carry a fast acting sugar
  67. teaching basic info to type 1 dm
    how to mix insulint
  68. conducting class on how to manage insulin regimen?
    if you are going to use vial within 1 month, you can keep at room temperature.
  69. enhance action at receptor site w/o increasing insulin secretion of beta cells of pancreas?
  70. adolescent patient, nervous and hungry, tachy, diaphoretic
    fruit juice 4-6 oz.
  71. another name for diabetic microvascular disease.
    diabetic microangiography.
  72. patient with DM2 seeing the nurse to review foot care, priority instruction?
    avoid hot water and heating pads
  73. DM educator assessing pt for knowledge how?
    monitor the pt's daily food menus
  74. foot care for DM pt. general guidelines?
    wash feet in warm water.
  75. decrease in deep tendon reflexes, ho hx of diabetic neuropathy.
    decreased vibratory senation
  76. diabetic pt with flu.
    eat small amounts, stay hydrated.
  77. hasimoto thyroiditis. what sx you expect?
    numbness and tingling in fingers.
  78. PACU, thyroidectomy, how to position?
    semi fowlers, 2 pillows.
  79. total parathyroidectomy. assess for what?
  80. addison's disease
    muscle weakness
  81. iodine for thyroid, what food?
    table salt.
  82. corticoid steroid tx. important info?
  83. diabetes insipidis?
  84. cushing's syndrome dexamethasone
    administration at 2300 and plasma costisol at 0800 next morning.
  85. cushing's syndrome. nursing priority?
    muscle weakness.
  86. addison's disease? hormone replacement.
    dizziness on standing.
  87. shift assessment aldostoronism. kidney's response?
  88. home care pt teaching, cortisol, when take corticos?
    early morning, 7-8 am
  89. diarrhea and vomiting. adrenal insufficiency.
    increase Na+ intake.
  90. hyperparatyroidism.
    ambulation and act as tolerated.
  91. adrenal tumor. vitals may change?
    HTN and heart rate changes.
  92. tyroidectomy. what labs indicate?
  93. hypertyroidism. create meal plans.
    small, freq meals, high protein, calories,
  94. dx of SIADH. care plan. priority is?
    excessive fluid volume.
  95. hypofx of adrenal cortex
    decrease BP
  96. grave's disease physical characteristics?
    bulging eyes.
  97. RAAS simulation test. what you d/c before test?
  98. MD orders test for something, test for what?
    diabetes insipidous
  99. greater risk for hypothyroidism.
  100. 77M hypothyroidism, knee surgery. prolonged rx to what type of med?
  101. parathyroidectomy
    Ca+ gluconate keep at bedside for emergency use.
  102. pt with hypocalemia is having carpelpedal spasms. what is this called?
    Trousseau signs.
  103. you have hyperthyroidism, what monitor for?
    thyroid storm.
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