Lines 1-152

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  1. ἡ χελιδων
    the swallow
  2. ἀλοων (ἀλαομαι)
    wandering, roaming
  3. ἑωθινου (ος  η  ον)
  4. την σπληνα
  5. κομιδῃ
    • adv
    • altogether
  6. παραινεις (παραινεω)
    you advise
  7. δεξιως
    • adv
    • cleverly
  8. χωρις
    • adv
    • separately, apart
  9. οὑτω
    • adv
    • in this way (=οὑτως)
  10. διεκριθη (διακρινω)
    it was separated
  11. διεχωριζετο (διαχωριζω)
    it separated
  12. ζῳ᾽ (τα ζῳα)
    living beings
  13. ξυνετεκνου (συντεκνοω)
    it was helping in breeding
  14. κινουμενα (κινεω)
  15. ἀντιμιμον (ος  ον)
    closely imitating
  16. τῳ τροχῳ
    wheel, disc
  17. της ἀκοης
  18. την χοανην (ἡ χωνη)
    the funnel
  19. διετετρηνατο (διατετραινω)
    it bored through
  20. αἱ ξυνουσιαι
    social intercourse, association
  21. χωλος (ος  η  ον)
  22. ὁ μελας
    the dark
  23. ὁ καρτερος
    the strong, brave
  24. ἑορακας (ὁραω)
    you have seen
  25. ὁ δασυπωγων
    the shaggy-bearded one
  26. βεβινηκας (βινεω)
    • you have 'had illicit intercourse'!
    • Sommerstein goes with 'fucked'...
  27. πτηξωμεν (πτησσω)
    let us crouch!
  28. προθυσομενος (προθυω)
    about to sacrifice
  29. της ποιησεως
  30. ἐπιδημει (ἐπιδημεω)
    it is at home, residing
  31. ὁ θιασος
    the band
  32. των μελαθρων
    the halls
  33. των δεσποσυνων
    master (rule)
  34. νηνεμος ον
  35. κελαδειτω (κελαδεω)
    let it make noise
  36. γλαυκον (ος  η  ον)
    gleaming; blue-grey
  37. βομβαξ
    • nonsense - implies someone's talking rubbish.
    • Sommerstein has 'Boom di boom'
    • Others just 'Bombax!'
    • Maybe 'Blah di Blah' could be yours?
  38. κατακοιμασθω (κατακοιμαω)
    let them sleep!
  39. λυεσθων (λυω)
    let them be released!
  40. ὁ προμος
    the foremost man/champion
  41. τους δρυοχους
    the timbers, supports, struts (like in a ship's keel, but this is a metaphor for the foundations of a play)
  42. καμπτει (καμπτω)
    he bends
  43. τας ἁψιδας
    • Sommerstein has 'timbers'
    • The definition is like wheel arches/loops
  44. τορνευει (τορνευω)
    he works with a lathe, hones
  45. κολλομελει (κολλομελεω)
    • he patches new verses together
    • (another word instead of 'patches' to go with the woodwork theme?)
  46. γνωμοτυπει (γνωμοτυπεω)
    he coins new maxims
  47. κἀντονομαζει (ἀντονομαζω)
    creates new vocabulary (lit. 'calls by another name)
  48. κηροχυτει (κηροχυτεω)
    he moulds (as in wax)
  49. γογγυλλει (γογγυλλω)
    he rounds (off)
  50. χοανευει (χοανευω)
    he casts in a mould
  51. λαικαζει (λαικαζω)
    he whores himself out (lit. 'to wench' which means to visit prostitutes, but the joke here is that Agathon is a rent-boy)
  52. ὁ ἀγροιωτας
    a rustic, country bumpkin
  53. πελαθει (πελαζω)
    he approaches
  54. τοις θριγκοις
    κατα του θριγκου
    • cornices/corniced walls
    • 'down through your cornice'
  55. συστρεψας (συστρεφω)
    rolling up together
  56. τας στροφας
    the strophes
  57. θυρασι
    • adv
    • outside the door
  58. διανοει (διανοεομαι)
    you have in mind
  59. την κηδεστην
  60. προπεφυραμενον (προφυραω)
    concocted, (lit 'kneaded beforehand')
  61. κριθησεται (κρινω)
    it will be decided, distinguished
  62. ἀπολειν (ἀπολλυμι)
    fut inf! to destroy
  63. προσδοκω (προσδοκαω)
    I expect
  64. ἐπιβεβουλευκασι (ἐπιβουλευω)
    they have plotted/contrived against
  65. τιη
    • adv
    • why?
  66. Θεσμοφοροιν
    the Thesmophorion
  67. τραγῳδω (τραγωδεω)
    I exhibit in tragedy
  68. ἠμφιεσμονον (ἀμφιεννυμι)
  69. κομψον (ος  η  ον)
  70. τους πυραμους
  71. οὑκκυκλουμενος (ἐκκυκλεω)
    being wheeled out
  72. τυφλος (ος η ον)
  73. (του) μυρμηκος (τας) ἀτραπους
    • paths/walkways of the ant
    • Sommerstein has 'Anthill Passages'
  74. διαμινυρεται (διαμινυρομαι)
    he is warbling
  75. χθονιαιν (χθονιος  α  ον)
    two goddesses of the nether world
  76. τῃ πραπιδι
    the heart
  77. εὐπειστως
    adv easily-persuading, eager
  78. ὀλβιζε
    cheer! gladden!
  79. τον ῥυτορα
    him who draws
  80. τα γυαλα
    the hollows, grottos; in terms of the goddesses - 'precinct'
  81. Σιμουντιδι γᾳ
    in the land of the Simois
  82. εὐμουσοισι (ος  ον)
    skilled in music, musical
  83. προφερων (προφερω)
    Sommerstein suggests: 'winning' as in 'winning before others'
  84. δρυογονοισιν (ος  ον)
  85. ἀεισατ᾽
  86. ἀγροτεραν (oς  α  ον)
    wild (not comp)
  87. κλῃζουσα (κλῃζω)
    celebrating in song
  88. ἀπειρολεχη (ης  ες)
    unmarried, virgin
  89. τα κρουματα
    the notes, strums, strains (of strings)
  90. παραρυθμ᾽ (ος  ον)
    out of time
  91. τα νευματα
    the signs, commands
  92. κιθαριν (ἡ κιθαρα)
    the lute
  93. ἀρσενι (noun but used as adjective)
  94. δοκιμον (ος  ον)
    approved, esteemed
  95. ἐσσυτο (σευω)
    it shoots
  96. αἰφνιδιου (ος  ον) [της] ὀπος
    • lit. 'unforeseen/sudden voice'
    • Sommerstein has: 'vocal attack'
  97. ἀγαλλετε (ἀγαλλω)
    glorify!  (130)
  98. θηλυδριωδες (ης  ες)
  99. κατεγλωττισμενον (καταγλωττιζω)
    • 'tongue-kissy'
    • Sommerstein has 'fully tongued'
  100. μανδαλωτον
    • another tongue-kissing word
    • Sommerstein has 'frenchkissy'
  101. ἀκροωμενου (ἀκροαομαι)
  102. ἑδρα
  103. ὁ γαργαλος
    a tickle, itch
  104. ἡ γυννις
    • a womanish man
    • Sommerstein uses 'epicene'
    • Sissy?
  105. ποδαπος  η  ον
    from what country?
  106. ἡ πατρα
    native land
  107. ἡ ταραξις
  108. ὁ/ἡ βαρβιτος
    stringed instrument
  109. λαλει (λαλεω)
    talk, prattle
  110. ἡ λυρα
    the lyre
  111. τῳ κεκρυφαλῳ
    woman's hair net
  112. ὁ ληκυθος
    oil flask
  113. το στροφιον
  114. ξυμφορον (ος  ον)
    convenient, accompanying
  115. του κατροπτου
    a mirror
  116. ἡ κοινωνια
    partnership, association
  117. ἡ χλαινα
  118. Λακχνικαι
    Lakonian shoes
  119. ζητω
    I shall seek out
  120. τον ψογον
    the blame
  121. ἐσθηθ᾽ (ἡ ἐσθης)
  122. φορω
    I wear
  123. την ἐσθηθ᾽ ἁμα γνωμῃ φορω
    • I wear the clothes along with the mentality
    • I adopt the persona that matches my clothes
  124. την μετουσιαν
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