HM1 sub test sept 2014

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  1. BUMEDINST 10110.6
    Nutrition Standards and Education
  2. BUMEDINST 5210.9B
    Forms and Reports Management Program
  3. BUMEDINST 5450.165
    Office of the Surgeon General and Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Organization
  4. BUMEDINST 6010.13
    Quality Assurance
  5. BUMEDINST 6220.12C
    Medical Surveilance and Medical Event Reports
  6. BUMEDINST 6230.13
    Immz and chemoprophylaxis
  7. BUMEDINST 6260.30A
    Mercury Control Program for Dental Treatment Spaces (we need to review this)
  8. BUMEDINST 6440.5C
    Health Services Augmentation Program (HSAP)
  9. BUMEDINST 6470.22A
    Navy Radiological Systems Performance Evaluation (need to study)
  10. BUMEDINST 6600.10A
    Dental Infection Control Program
  11. BUMEDINST 6700.13
    Management and procurement of Authorized Medical and Dental Allowance List Material for Fleet Units (go over only chap 1)
  12. BUMEDNOTE 6230
    Immz Requirements and Recommendations
  13. CCDM
    Control of Communicable Diseases
  14. JP 4-02
    Health Service Support
  15. MCWP 4-11.1
    Health Service Support Operations
  16. NAVEDTRA 14295B
    HM Manual
  17. NAVMED P 5052-26
    Shipboard Pest Control
  18. NAVMED P-117
    Manual of the Medical Department
  19. NAVMED P-5041
    Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties and Conventional Military Chemical
  20. NAVMED P-5042
    Treatment of Biological Warfare agents Casualites
  21. NAVMEDCOMINST 5360.1
    Decedent Affairs Manual
  22. OPNAVINST 5100.19
    Safety and Occupational Health Manual for Forces Afloat
  23. OPNAVINST 5215.17
    Navy Directives Issuance System
  24. SECNAV M-5216.5
    DON Correspondence Manual
  25. SECNAV M-5210.1
    DoN Records Management Program
  26. CPPD-LEAD09-003
    PO1 Selectee Course
  27. NAVEDTRA 14145
    Military Requirements for PO1
  28. NAVEDTRA 14325
  29. NWP 3-07.2
    Navy Doctrine for Antiterrorism/ Force Protection
  30. OPNAVINST 5370.2C
    Navy Fraternization Policy
  31. SECNAVINST 5300.26
    DoN Policy on Sexual Harrassment
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