Input, Output and Storage Devices

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  1. Enable you to input data and command into the computer.
    Input Devices
  2. Most commonly used input device for entering numeric and alphabetic data into a computer
  3. Types of Keyboard
    • Ergonomic
    • Cordless or wireless
    • Specialized
    • Security
    • Foldable or flexible
  4. an input device that allows a user to position the pointer on the screen
    Pointing devices
  5. Types of pointing devices
    • Mouse
    • Trackball
    • Joystick and wheel
    • Pointing stick
  6. most commonly used pointing device for PC.
  7. works like mouse turned upside down
  8. consists of a plastic or metal rod mounted on a base
  9. a steering wheel type of device used to stimulate driving a vehicle
  10. A pressure sensitive device that looks like a pencil eraser
    Pointing stick
  11. A flat drawing surface on which the user can draw figures or write something free hand
    Digitalizing Tablet
  12. A special screen with pictures or shapes
    Touch display screen
  13. Pen-like writing instrument
    Stylus and digital pen
  14. Allows to input information by writing on
    a PDA or other mobile devices
    Stylus and digital pen
  15. Process of inputting sounds into computer
    Audio Input
  16. a category of audio input
    Voice input
  17. used to speak commands into the computer
    or enter text
    Voice recognition devices
  18. Commonly used in laptop
  19. Change images into codes for input to the computer
  20. Pictures taken are stored digitally and then transferred to the computer’s memory
    Digital Cameras
  21. The process of capturing full motion images with a type of video camera and then saving the videos on a storage medium
    Video input
  22. authentication technique using automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristics
  23. synchronized positioning of light emitting and sensing devices to enter user input
    Virtual Devices
  24. enables user to scroll through and adjust the volume, play music, view videos or pictures and customize settings
    Touch sensitive pads
  25. Enable the computer to give you the results of the processed  data
    Output Devices
  26. Commonly used output device for personal computers
  27. Provide soft copy output
  28. Produce a paper or hard copy output
  29. Use a mechanism that actually strikes the paper to form letters and images.
    impact printer
  30. Form characters without striking the papers
    Non impact printer
  31. Form characters by heating paper
    Thermal printer
  32. A small, battery powered printer, primarily used to print from a notebook
    Mobile Printer
  33. Prints labels of various types and sizes on an adhesive type paper.
    Label printer
  34. Large printer used by engineers, architects and graphic artists
  35. Projects the computer image onto a screen mostly used for presentations
    Data projector
  36. Use oxide-coated plastic storage media called Mylar
    Magnetic Storage Devices
  37. As the disk rotates an electromagnetic read/write head stores or retrieves data in circles called ___
  38. Each track is labelled and the location is kept in a special log on the disk called ____
    File Allocation Table
  39. A flat circle of iron oxide-coated plastic enclosed in a hard plastic case
    Floppy Disk
  40. Floppy disk capacity
    1.44 MB
  41. Used to store data inside the computer
    Hard Disk Drive
  42. Use laser technology to read and write data on silver platters
    Optical Storage
  43. A non-volatile, removable medium that uses ICs.
    Solid State Storage Media
  44. The main advantage of this type of storage medium if that everything is processed electronically and it contains no mechanical parts
    Solid Storage Medium
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