Unit 35 Giving and getting information

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  1. be included or may be found in
    come under something
  2. use previous knowledge or experience to help you do something
    draw on/upon something
  3. present a new (esp. important) fact
    point out something (that)
  4. begin to think, speak or write about a subject
    turn to sth/sb
  5. understand what is being said
    latch on to sth
  6. understand (eg that something is important)
    take in
  7. be careful and try to identify possible problems
    watch out for
  8. get information
    find out
  9. ensure that something was done
    check up on somebody
  10. find a document that existed some time ago but is kind of lost
    track something down
  11. stop trying to make out the answer
    give up
  12. say something unintentionally (it...)
    slip out (it slipped out)
  13. be equal (about some numbers like sums in bills etc)
    match up
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