Lines 481-685

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  1. ᾽κνυεν
    he scratched
  2. ὁ στροφος
    a twist, gripping
  3. τον κοπρων᾽
    the toilet
  4. ἐτριβε (τριβω)
    he ground
  5. τας κεδριδας
    juniper berries
  6. το ἀννηθον
  7. τον σφακον
  8. καταχεασα
    having poured over
  9. του στροφεως
    the door-socket/hinge
  10. ἠρειδομην (ἐρειδω)
    i was leaning
  11. κυβδ᾽
    • adv
    • with the head forwards
  12. της δαφνης
    the bay tree
  13. τον Ἀγυια
    the street guardian
  14. κὠρεωκομων
    and mule-grooms
  15. σποδουμεθ᾽
    we are being pounded
  16. ληκωμεθα
    Sommerstein has 'we are screwed'
  17. τα σκοροδα
  18. διαμασωμεθα
    we chew up
  19. ὀσφρομενος (ὀσφραινομαι)
    catching the scent
  20. ὑποτοπηται (ὑποτοπεω)
    he should suspect
  21. λοιδορει (λοιδορεω)
    he abuses
  22. εἰρηκε (ἐρω)
    he has said
  23. ὑπαυγασ᾽
    day beginning to shine
  24. τα ὠκυτοκι᾽
    speedy birth charms
  25. ὠνουμενος (ὠνεομαι)
  26. τῳ κηριῳ
    with honeycomb
  27. βεβυσμενον (βυω)
    being stuffed
  28. ένευσεν (νευω)
    she nodded
  29. τεξειν (τικτω)
    to be about to come, be born
  30. το ητρον
    the abdomen
  31. ελακτισεν (λακτιζω)
    it kicked
  32. γεγηθως (γηθεω)
  33. εξεσπασεν (ἐκσπαω)
    she drew out
  34. ἀνεκραγεν (ἀνακραζω)
    he cried out
  35. μειδιωσα (μειδιαω)
  36. το αὐτεκμαγμα
    one's very image
  37. ἁπαξαπαντα
    • adv
    • in all ways, all at once
  38. προσομοιον (ος  ον)
    very much like
  39. στρεβλον (ος  η  ον)
    curved, rounded, twisted
  40. ὁ κυτταρος
    an acorn-cup
  41. χἠτις ἐξεθρεψε χωρα
    which country raised her
  42. θρασειαν (υς  εια  υ)
  43. φανερον (ος  ον)
    visible, manifest
  44. την παροιμιαν
    proverb, saying
  45. δακῃ (δακνω)
    he should bite
  46. αθρειν
    to look
  47. ἀναισχυντων (ος  η  ον)
  48. την φθορον
    pestilent person
  49. την/των τεφραν
    hot ashes
  50. ποθεν
    from somewhere
  51. ἀποψιλωσομεν (ἀποψιλοω)
    we shall depilate
  52. διδαχθῃ
    she may be taught
  53. της παρρησιας
    freedom of speech
  54. αἱ ἀσται
    citizen women
  55. τετληκας (τλαω)
    you have undergone, undertaken
  56. ἐπιτηδες
    • adv
    • designedly, deliberately
  57. ᾐδεις (οἰδα plpf)
    you knew
  58. εξεχεας (ἐκχεω)
    you spewed out
  59. μυριοστην (ος  η  ον) μοιραν
    A ten-thousandth part/share
  60. τας στλεγγιδας
    (oil) scrapers
  61. σιφωνιζομεν (σιφωνιζω)
    we draw/siphon off
  62. τον σιτον
    the grain
  63. ἐπιτριβειης (ἐπιτριβω)
    May you be crushed!
  64. τα κρεα
  65. ταις μαστροποις
    • pimps
    • Sommerstein has 'go betweens'
  66. την γαλην
    the weasel
  67. φλυαρεις (φλυαρεω)
    you are talking nonsense!
  68. τῳ πελεκει
  69. κατεσποδησεν (κατασποδεω)
    she cut down
  70. εμηνεν (μαινομαι)
    he was insane
  71. τῃ πυελῳ
    the feeding-tough/the bath tub
  72. κατωρυξεν (κατορυσσω)
    she buried
  73. ἀνεκτ᾽ (ος  η  ον)
  74. τον αρρεν
    a boy
  75. καταπροιξει (καταπροιξομαι)
    you will not get away
  76. εκποκιω (ἐκποκιζω)
    I'll pull out
  77. τας ποκαδας
  78. προσθες (προστιθημι) μονον
    • you just lay (a hand) on
  79. σησαμουνθ᾽
    a sesame cake
  80. χεσειν (χεζω)
    • to 'ease oneself' 
    • Sommerstein has: 'shit it out'
  81. εσπουδακυια (σπουδαζω)
    being very eager
  82. ὁμου
    • adv
    • altogether, to the same place
  83. κοσμιως
    • adv
    • in an orderly fashion
  84. ἐπιδηλον (ος  ον)
    seen clearly
  85. προξενω
    I represent, negotiate
  86. λαλουμενον (λαλεω)
  87. τηρητε (τηρεω)
    keep watch
  88. ἀφαρκτοις (ος  ον)
    being off guard
  89. ψιλας
  90. λεληθεν (λανθανω)
    he has avoided detection
  91. ἀφευσεν
    he singed
  92. κἀπετιλ᾽
    and he plucked
  93. ἠνειχετο (ἀνεχω)
    he stood up, held his head up (594)
  94. ληρεις (ληρεω)
    you are foolish
  95. ᾽πεπυσμην (πυνθανομαι)
    Ι had learned
  96. ἐλινυειν (ἐλινυω)
    to sit idle
  97. ζητητεαι (ζητεος  α  ον) γαρ ἐστε
    you are to be sought, scrutinised
  98. διοιχομαι
    I am quite done for!
  99. οὐρησαι (οὐρεω)
    to wee!
  100. ω μελε
    My good man!
  101. στραγγουριω
    I suffer
  102. τα καρδαμα
  103. καρδαμιζεις
    • you are going on about cress
    • you are talking nonsense about cress
  104. ἑλκεις (ἑλκεω)
    you are dragging
  105. ασθενουσαν (ἀσθενεω)
    being feeble, sickly
  106. τον δεινα
    • Whatsisname (Sommerstein)
    • Mr Nobody
    • Α certain someone
  107. ὁσετη
    every year
  108. ἡ συσκηνητρια
    hutmate, tentmate
  109. βασανιω (βασανιζω)
    I am going to test
  110. περυσι
    • adv
    • last year
  111. αποστηθι (ἀφεστηξω)
    stand away!
  112. ᾽πακουσῃς (ἐπακουω)
    you might overhear
  113. προὐπινομεν (προπινω)
    we were drinking toasts
  114. το σκαφιον
    • a little bowl (that women wee in)
    • Use 'potty'?
  115. ᾐτησεν (αἰτεω)
    she asked
  116. ἡ ἁμις
    • a chamber pot (that men wee in)
    • Bottle?
  117. ἀποδυσον (ἀποδυω)
    strip off!
  118. χαλα (χαλαω)
  119. στιβαρα (ος  ον)
  120. στεριφη (ος  η  ον)
  121. εκυησα (κυεω)
    I bore children
  122. διεκυψε
    it crept through
  123. εὐχρων (εὐχρους adj)
  124. τον ισθμον
  125. διελκεις
    you shuttle through
  126. πυκνοτερον (πυκνος  η  ον)
    more quickly
  127. εἰσεκυλισα (εἰσκυλινδω)
    I rolled into
  128. τας λαμπαδας ἁψαμενας (ἁπτω)
    having lit the torches
  129. ξυζωσαμενας (ζωννυμι)
    having hitched up
  130. επεληλυθε (ἐπερχομαι)
    he has come upon, invaded
  131. περιθρεξαι (περιτρεχω)
    to run round, patrol
  132. διαθρησαι
    to inspect
  133. την πυκνα πασαν τας σκηνας και τας διοδους
    the whole Pnyx and the tents and passages
  134. βραδυνειν
    to delay
  135. μελλειν (μελλω)
    here: 'to hesitate'
  136. ἰχνευε (ἰκνευω)
    track! hunt!
  137. ματευε (ματευω)
  138. τα τῃδε και τα κεισε και τα δευρο
    • the things on this side and that side and this
    • the things in here and there and here
  139. ληφθῃ (λαμβανω)
    he is caught
  140. τo παραδειγμ᾽
    an example
  141. ἀθεων (ἀθεος  ον)
  142. ἐφεπειν (ἐφεπω)
    to apply, practice
  143. μηδομενους (μηδομαι)
  144. τῃ λυσσῃ
    with rage
  145. παρακοπος (oς  ον)
  146. παρανομα (oς  ον)
  147. παραχρημ᾽
    • adv
    • on the spot
  148. ἀποτινεται (ἀποτινω)
    he repays, avenges
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