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    • what does the acronym NTCSS stand for
    • naval tactical command support system
  1. what is the purpose of NTCSS
    is a data processing system that manages information, personnel, material and finances
  2. what does the acronym JMCIS stand for
    joint maritime command information system
  3. what are the four primary functional applicatins that comprise NTCSS
    • OMMS-NG
    • RADM
  4. what does RSUPPLY stand for
    relational supply
  5. what does NALCOMIS stand for
    naval aviation logistics command management information system
  6. what does OMMS-NG stand for
    organizational maintenance management system-next generation
  7. what does RADM stand for
    relational administrative data management
  8. what are the two functional applications that comprise NTCSS at the MALS
  9. what does OIMA NALCOMIS provide automation for
    for aviation intermediate level maintenance and administrative activities
  10. what are two key features of OIMA NALCOMIS
    • assits aviation personnel, including workers, supervisors, and managers, in planning, scheduling reporting, and tracking maintenance actions
    • increases aircraft readiness by providing local maintenance and supply managers with timely and accurate information
  11. what is a multi-functinoal program designed to provide information resource management to various afloat and ashore activities
  12. what does OIMA stand for
    optimized intermediate maintenance activity
  13. what does OOMA stand for
    optimized organiztional maintenance activity
  14. what is a segment of the joint maritime command information system (JMCIS) whose goal is to increase the interoperability across all DoD services to optimize financial and human resources
  15. what falls under NALCOMIS
  16. what kind of architecture does NTCSS applications use
    A relational database management system (RDBMS)
  17. what are the activies that OIMA NALCOMIS utilize
    • production control
    • quality assurance
    • supply
    • history retrieval
    • asset management
    • operational readiness reports
  18. what provides a supply chain management solution under NTCSS
  19. what supports logistics processes for the operating forces of the Navy and Marine Corps, to include supporting shore installations
  20. what are the activies of RSUPPLY
    • manages inventory
    • orders parts
    • provides customer services
    • manages finances
    • manages ADP
    • manages neccessary documents, ledgers, reports and references
  21. what is also required to interface with the NAVAIR Mid-Tier server located at the MALS
  22. what consists of OOMA NALCOMIS, is required to interface with OIMA NTCSS (MALS) to provide asset and maintenance tracking of repairables transferred to the I-Level for maintenance support
  23. what is the primary purpose of the NTCSS master server
    is to provide account validation/authentication
  24. what application(s) does the NTCSS master server have enabled in a MALS configuration
  25. what is the primary purpose of the NTCSS slace server
    is to reduce the load on the master server by running additional applications
  26. what application(s) does the NTCSS slace server have enabled in the MALS configuration
  27. what is the primary purpose of the NTCSS application server
    contains all of the software components needed by each respective functional area
  28. what does RDBMS stand for
    relational database management system
  29. what isthe primary purpose of the NTCSS database server
    is to provide RDBMS services to applications running on the physical server
  30. what does the MALS/NAS configuration consist of
    • two servers
    • one hosting RSUPPLY and the other hosting NALCOMIS
  31. what server system is currently being fielded in support of NTCSS
    hewlett packard ML370 Generation 5 server system
  32. what are the information classifications that NTCSS can display in its security banner
    • unclassified
    • unclassified-sensitive
    • confidentail
    • secret
    • top secret
  33. what does LDAP stand for
    lightweight directory access protocol
  34. what is responsible for adding, deleting and verifying stored user information as needed by NTCSS
  35. what are RDBMS sercices
    • database integrity
    • concurrence control
    • failure recovery
  36. what are the NTCSS security features
    • C2 compliance
    • common entry point
    • administrative roles
    • user administration facility
    • system monitor
    • application-specific user data
    • classification level disclosure
    • program access roles
    • application/secondary password
  37. how many characters can NTCSS hace in its field
    up to 256
  38. what are the roles that are assigned by NTCSS adminstrators
    • NTCSS administrator
    • application administrator
    • NTCSS user
  39. what does API stand for
    application programming interface
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