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    • what does the acronym COTS stand for
    • commercial off the-shelf
  1. what does the acronym GOTS stand for
    government off-the-shelf
  2. what COTS applications are used on the NTCSS server
    • sybase adaptive server enterprise
    • apache web server
    • JBOSS J2EE
    • WRQ reflection
  3. what COTS applications are used on the NTCSS client workstation
    • sybase open client
    • exceed
    • putty
    • winscp3
  4. what is the primary NTCSS operating system
    Red hat linux enterprise server (E5) 4.5
  5. what does NTCSS use as its relational database management system (RDBMS)
    is the standard interface between NTCSS client/server application and the operational environment in which they run
  6. what are the two operational modes for NTCSS server
    • multi-user mode
    • single-user mode
  7. what are the functional application software for NTCSS desktop
    • OMMS-NG
    • RADM
  8. what is a collection of independent commands that are executed as a sequential program to perform a task
    a batch
  9. what is used to host the database servers and the NTCSS operating system
  10. what provides the basic instructions for operating each activity of the optimized system
  11. what are task that linux can do
    • text editing
    • networking
    • program development
    • system administration
  12. what can be accessed directly via the system console or remotely from a client workstation
    NTCSS server
  13. which mode is the default mode of operation
    multi user mode
  14. which mode is used for troubleshooting and restricts access to the entire system
    single user mode
  15. what does DP-18 stand for
    data processing
  16. how many HP laser jet 4015n printers are provided to each MALS
  17. what are the four primary content items within the DP-18
    • AN/UYK -164(V) 5 (2ECCs)
    • NAVAIR File server array (2ECCs)
    • legacy NTCSS file server (2ECCs)
    • NTCSS communications rack (1ECC)
  18. what functional application servers reside in the OL-754 rack configurations
    • RSUPPLY server
    • NALCOMIS server
  19. what functional application server reside in the OL-755 rack configuration
    O@I server
  20. how many EECs are contained in the NTCSS communcations rack
  21. how many EECs are contained in the AN/UYK -164(V)5
  22. what are the four ways the NTCSS client cab be loaded
    • NMCI environment
    • domain controller
    • server
    • media
  23. what software is required to be loaded onto a NTCSS client workstation
    • reflection/exceed
    • sybase
    • NTCSS desktop
    • RSUPPLY application
    • NALCOMIS application
    • site specific configuration file information
  24. what are the configuration files
    • ntcss.ini
    • host file
    • sql.ini
  25. what is the ntcss.ini file located
    c:/windows directory
  26. where is the hosts file
    c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc directory
  27. how to open the sql.ini file
    open run and enter dsedit
  28. what is the port for this block
  29. what are the 3 types of users to NTCSS
    • regular user
    • application administrator
    • NTCSS administrator
  30. what icon is used to start the NTCSS desktop
    launch NTCSS2
  31. what applications are contained within the NTCSS desktop RSUPPLY application list
    • NALCOMIS Printer Queue
    • NALCOMIS Xterm
  32. what toolbars are available within the NTCSS desktop
    • NTCSS
    • OMMS-NG
    • RADM
  33. what is the central part of the linux operating system
    linux kernal
  34. linux was created by who and when
    linus torvalds in 1991
  35. what is the purpose of the linux shell
    delineates the boundaries of the computer operating system and is a command interpreter that acts as an interface between users and the operating system
  36. what does IPC stand for
    independent inter-process communication
  37. what commands can be used interactively
    shell command
  38. what can also be used as a high-level programming language
    the shell
  39. what are the three shells used by NTCSS
    • bourne again shell (bash)
    • C shell (csh)
    • korn (ksh)
  40. what are the common linux services in support of NTCSS
    • NTCSS
    • paxferds
    • jboss
  41. what are linux daemons
    daemons are system programs that run in the background of the operating system, rather than under the direct control of the user, to provide system services when called upon by the other programs
  42. what are linux modules
    linux modules are large amount of code that can be dynamically linked into the kernel at any point after the system has booted
  43. programs, daemons and services are delivered how
    delivered in modules
  44. how are all items within the linux operating system represented
    in files
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