ABES Module 1-enclosure design

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  1. 5 substrate types
    • Base gravel
    • crusher dust
    • river sand
    • washed sand
    • crushed shale
  2. Describe base gravel and crusher dust
    • Base gravel = packs very well for firm base, good drainage. Hard to rake and can get dusty
    • Crusher dust = packs well and unites to form hard surface, if under roof can get very dry and dusty.
  3. Describe crushed shale as a substrate
    • Extremely decorative and expensive
    • mud free walkways
    • does not pack well together
  4. Describe river sand and washed sand
    • River sand = Not processed, still has silt component. good when rain can keep it moist. good appearance, low maintenance and low odors. subject to digging. weeds establish quickly.
    • Washed sand = clean attractice, most silt removed. dries quickly and tends to become hot.does not pack, tends to be pushed aside by active animals
  5. What is an aggregrate supplier?
    They stock sands and gravel landscape rock and all the substrates etc etc
  6. Landscaping shops stock?
    Topsoil, clay, specialty sands, sod etc
  7. Most adaptable power equipment a zookeeper has for landscaping?
    • Bobcat and its different attachments.
    • like augers, spades and digging attachments
  8. Most useful tool for moving large rocks and pallets?
    Front end loader
  9. Its always important for evaluate materials in enclosures for?
    • Safety to keepers, animals and the public
    • durability
    • aesthetics
    • cost
    • ease of maintenance
  10. 2 major things to always incorporate into enclosures
    • Restraint devices
    • rear keeper access
  11. Wheel barrow nload should always be carried over the?
    bulk of weight over the wheel
  12. Thorn bearing and spiny species can be useful for what?
    Barring people from entering areas they might be at risk
  13. basic requisites of plants
    • Water
    • light
    • nutrients
    • substrate
  14. Should plants be on the north side of a building?
    NO not enough light
  15. Are zookeepers responsible for designing most zoo exhibits?
  16. Are base gravel and crusher dust suitable for exterior walkways? What about washed sand?
    • Yes
    • No
  17. Cutoff saws are designed for cutting?
    • Pipe
    • conduit
    • or masonry
  18. Does crushed shale get muddy when rained on?
  19. Assuming the zoo has decided to create a new exhibit and you as a keeper will be involved, what are 3 guidelines you might follow?
    • Assess size, contour, and access to the exhibit at the proposed site
    • Research natural history of animal to be exhibited
    • Share your findings with all zoo staff and request their input
    • Consult all regulatory bodies
  20. General name for nutrients to be added to the soil?
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