company officer chapter 1

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  1. A company officer is a first line supervisor responsible for the _and_ of assigned personnel in an emergency service organization.
    Performance and safety
  2. at the company level the company officer manages the resources:(3 things)
    • people 
    • equipment 
    • time
  3. in most departments,companies spend less than_% of their time dealing with emergencies
  4. What is the company officers primary job?
    Lead others
  5. Firefighters are the _of the service-delievery system
  6. In fire departments and other emergency response organizations, _% to _% of the employees work at the company level, making the organizations mission statement come alive for the citizens
  7. What is the ale reason these organizations exist
    Service delivery
  8. What is defined as a means as a means that an individual  has been tested by an accredited examining body on clearly identified material and found to meet a minimum standard
  9. What are four reasons to certify
    • Protection from liability 
    • Recognition of demonstrated proficiency
    • Recognition of professionalism
    • Budget and Salary justification
  10. A fire department or other emergency response organization is a complex business involving what three things
    • Science
    • Good business practices 
    • Human relations
  11. Name the system that provides a means of representing the career opportunities in the fire service and specified a particular body of knowledge required for each level and for each specialty area in the fire service career ladder
    The National Professional Qualification System in 1972
  12. What is defined as a systematic arrangement of a body of rules
  13. What is denied as a rule for measuring or a model to be followed
  14. NFPA published the first national standard for fire service officers in what year
  15. This standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications, outlines the requirements for fire officers at four levels of competency
    NFPA 1021
  16. The first level, Fire Officer I, focuses on the needs of the who?
    First line supervisors
  17. For Fire Officer 2 the requirements focus on the _ _of the company officers job and help prepare individuals to move into staff assignments
    Management aspects
  18. The requirements for Officer 3 deal mostly with _ and _ preparing officers to move into positions of increasing responsibility
    Administration and management
  19. At the top of the officer certification ladder, the requirements for Officer 4 satisfy the needs of _ _ and _ _
    • Senior staff
    • Chief officers
  20. A well planned career development program is a good deal for who?
    Everyone ( employee, department and the community )
  21. Lieutenants should be certified as Fire Officer _ in accordance with NFPA 1021
    Fire Officer 1
  22. A shortcoming of too many officers is the lack of what skills
    Good communication skills
  23. Captains should be certified as Fire Officer _
  24. The successful company officer is a _ _ for others
    Role model
  25. Being a role model means being a professional. Professionalism encompasses what 5 things? Its as simple as A, B, C, D, E
    • Attitude
    • Behavior
    • Communication
    • Demeanor
    • Ethics
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