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  1. Examples of coaxial cables are
    RG-59, RG-6, RG-8, and RG-58
  2. Types of twisted-pair cable include _________.
    UTP and STP
  3. Plenum cable is approved for use in the ______.
    plenum space
  4. You can use fiber cable to transmit data at significantly faster speeds across greater distances than using ________.
    copper cables
  5. Types of fiber cable include _______.
    MMF and SMF
  6. _______ provide support for computers and systems that require superior shielding,
    Coaxial cables
  7. _______ are typically not used in networks any more.
    Coaxial cables
  8. Fiber cables use connectors such as ________ connectors
    ST,SC, and LC
  9. Twisted-pair cables commonly use _____ connectors based on the _____ and _____ standards for Ethernet networks.
    • RJ-45
    • T568A and T568B
  10. Coaxial cables use connectors such as the _______ connectors.
    F and BNC
  11. ________ provide unique identifiers for hosts in networks.
    IP addresses
  12. Every IPv4 address is made up of _____, or ______, totaling _____.
    • four bytes
    • octets
    • 32 bits
  13. In IPv4 the first and subsequent octets are used for the network ID depends on which ____ the address fall into.
  14. IPv4 There are three main classes - _______________________.
    Class A,Class B, and Class C
  15. IP addresses can be ______   ______or ________.
    public, private, APIPA assigned
  16. IPv6 was created to provide a __________________________.
    wider range of IP addresses
  17. IPv6 This system uses _____ addresses that are written in _____________
    • 128-bit 
    • hexadecimal notation
  18. Double colons maybe used in place of _________.
    strings of zeroes
  19. There are three main types of addresses with IPv6 - __________________.
    unicast, multicast, and anycast
  20. _______ enable communication between devices in dissimilar networks.
  21. Gateways subdivide LANs into ______.
  22. Types of gateways include _____________________, as well as ________.
    e-mail, Internet, LAN, and voice and data gateways

  23. When connecting networks, the _________ of a network ID is used to identity the way that the network is divided.
    subnet mask
  24. The default subnet masks for classes A is _____________.
  25. The default subnet masks for classes B is _____________.
  26. The default subnet masks for classes C is _____________.
  27. IP addresses for hosts can be ____________.
    static, dynamically assigned,or self-assigned
  28. You can use DNS to resolve ______ to IP addresses.
  29. _____ enables a network device to borrow or lease an IP address for a specified period of time.
  30. The client and the server negotiate a lease using a series of 4 steps- DHCP ______, DHCP _____, DHCP _____ and then DHCP ______.
    • discover
    • offer
    • request
    • acknowledgement
  31. ______ automatically assigns IP addresses if no DHCP server is available.
  32. Ports are channels that support ____________ and _________ communication protocols.
    • application-specific
    • process-specific
  33. Ports are assigned a number between 0 and ____.
  34. port __ for FTP
  35. port ___ for Telnet
  36. port ___ for SMTP
  37. port __ for HTTP
  38. port ___ for POP3
  39. port ___ for IMAP
  40. port ____ for HTTPS
  41. port ___ for DNS
  42. port _____ for RDP
  43. _________ are transport layer protocols, used by upper layer protocols.
    TCP and UDP
  44. ___ provides error checking and is reliable,but ___ is faster and supports broadcast and multicast.
    • TCP
    • UDP
  45. Other common Internet protocols include DHCP ________________________
    for automatic IP address assignment
  46. DNS is for resolving _______ to ______
    • hostnames
    • IP addresses
  47. Protocol ______ is for searching directory-like information
  48. Protocol _____ is for monitoring network control devices
  49. Protocol ______ is for providing shared access to network components
  50. Protocol _____  is for creating secure channels,
  51. Protocol ____ is for securely copying files between hosts
  52. To support graphic-intensive applications, a work station has to have an
    • appropriate GPU
    • a powerful multi-core processor
    • a lot of RAM
    • large and fast hard disks and
    • suitable connectivity options
  53. A workstation used for NLE requires a
    • powerful processor,
    • with sufficient RAM,
    • and an appropriate GPU.
    • separate hard disks for media files and for system and application files
    • a burner for saving video to optical disk,
    • a sound system,
    • and a sufficiently large case.
  54. VDI involves using virtualization to host multiple users'desktop environments on a central server. VDI maybe
    • hosted centralized
    • remote synchronized
    • or client-hosted.
    • It relies on powerful servers and fast network connections.
  55. a ____  client performs most of its own processing tasks and contacts a server only occasionally
  56. A thin client depends on ___________ and processing, and includes only minimal hardware
    a server for data
  57. You can configure a home server to provide services such as __________________________________________________________________.
    backup, file, print, media streaming, and web services,as well as user authentication and web caching.
  58. Examples of home server operating systems are _____________.
    • Mac OS X Lion Server
    • Windows Home Server
    • and Linux.
  59. A __________ provides a visual interface for interacting with a computer.
    display device
  60. A _________ uses cathode rays to create a display.
    CRT device
  61. An _______ uses layers of liquid crystals, a fluorescent light source, and polarizing filters.
    LCD display
  62. In a LCD Electric current aligns the molecules of the crystals to determine whether ____________.
    light can pass through them
  63. LED monitors use LEDs that emit _____ to illuminate pixels
  64. ____ monitors use organic materials to produce light and can display highly realistic-looking images.
  65. Plasma technology provides high ______ and wide ___________.
    • contrast
    • viewing angles
  66. Projectors use a __________, an __________, and electronics to project an image from a computer onto a large screen.
    • light source
    • optics system
  67. The three major types of projectors are ______________.
    LCD,DLP, and LCoS
  68. Types of display connectors, or cables, include ____________________________________________________________.
    VGA, HDMI,component cable, S-video, composite cable, and DVI
  69. You connect a keyboard and mouse to a computer using _________, dedicated PS/2 ports, or - for wireless devices -a _____________.
    • USB ports
    • base controller
  70. Commonly used multimedia devices include ___________________________________________________.
    MIDI devices,digital cameras, microphones, biometric devices, and barcode readers
  71. _________ generate and output images to an external display device.
    Video adapter cards
  72. Video adapter cards can be inserted into a computer using ___________  slots.
    PCI, AGP, or PCIe
  73. I/O adapter cards provide additional ports to the motherboard, such as ______________.
    USB, parallel, serial, and SCSI ports.
  74. Some of Intel's main products have been the_________________________________________________________________________________________.
    • Intel 4004,
    • Pentium II,
    • Pentium III,
    • Pentium M,
    • Intel Core,
    • Sandy Bridge processors,
    • and Nehalem processors.
  75. AMD processor offerings included the ____________________________.
    • AM486,
    • K7 Athlon,
    • Sempron,
    • Phenom,
    • K5,
    • and Turion 64
  76. a CPU _______ provides the mechanical and electrical connection between the CPU and the motherboard.
  77. The most common integrated l/Os on motherboards include _________
    • sound,
    • video,
    • USB,
    • serial,
    • parallel,
    • IEEE1394/FireWire,
    • NIC,
    • modem,
    • and PS/2 ports
  78. Electrical equipment is susceptible to damage from __________.
    ESD,EMI, and RFI.
  79. Information security is based on five main information security concepts -___________________________.
    • confidentiality,
    • integrity,
    • availability,
    • authenticity,
    • and non-repudiation
  80. You can use a combination of _______________________ controls to implement defense of data.
    • administrative,
    • logical,
    • and physical
  81. Printers can belong to one of two categories - ________________.
    • non-impact
    • impact
  82. Non-impact printers include _______ printers.
    • laser,
    • inkjet,
    • and thermal
  83. You need to be aware of three hazards in particular when servicing a printer - _______________.
    • heat,
    • electricity,
    • and lasers
  84. You should regularly replace printer consumables, such as _________________.
    toner cartridges, the toner drum, and the fuser
  85. Standards for laptop expansion cards include the older __________ standards, and the newer _________ standards.
    • older PCMCIA or PC Card standard
    • newer ExpressCard/34 and ExpressCard/54
  86. Cards using the __________ standard are smaller, faster, and less expensive than PC Cards.
  87. ____________ are small dual in-line memory modules, typically used in notebooks and other devices for which standard _____ are too large.
    • SODIMMs
    • DIMMs
  88. You can distinguish between different types of ____ based on the number of pins they contain and where their notches are located.
  89. A flash drive is a portable storage device that uses flash memory and is  ____________.
  90. LED screens are ____ screens that use LED backlights and provide better image quality.
  91. Laptops usually use _______ hard drives
  92. Bus systems used in laptops include ______________
    Mini-PCI and PCIe
  93. ______________ provide slots for connecting non-portable devices and peripherals, such as printers and big-screen TVs, to laptops.
    Docking stations
  94. You can press various keys in conjunction with the ___ key to activate alternative key functions.
  95. Examples of network devices include ___________________.
    • hubs,
    • switches,
    • routers,
    • bridges,
    • and wireless access points
  96. Hubs and switches both connect devices within a network, but ________ are more intelligent and can divide a network into segments.
  97. Routers direct data between hosts on a network using either ___________ routing.
    static or dynamic
  98. ________ connect separate segments of a network, and wireless access points connect wireless devices to either wired or wireless networks.
  99. A NAS server is a pre-configured file server that users can use to ____________.
    stores files on a network
  100. __________ includes at least one internal server, pre-configured disk capacity, and an operating system that can be optimized for file transfers.
    NAS servers
  101. A ____________ helps protect an internal network from security threats by denying or allowing access to data packets.
  102. You use tone generators and locators to determine ______________.
    where pairs of wires begin and end
  103. Continuity testers enable you to verily that the __________________.
    wires in cables are paired correctly
  104. You use loopback adapters to test the ports on a system, without having to ________________.
    connect an external device
  105. The most common wireless networking standard is IEEE _______, known as Wi-Fi.
  106. Versions of this WIFI standard include ______________.
    • 802.11 b,
    • 802.11 a,
    • 802.11 g,
    • and 802.11 n
  107. Common wireless security protocols that support encryption are ______________
    WEP, WPA, and WPA2
  108. The two main encryption standards used in wireless networking are __________.
    TKIP and AES
  109. WPA2 supports the use of ____, which provides the strongest encryption
  110. SOHO WiFi routers are all-in-one devices that include _______________.
    WiFi and an Internet connection
  111. You can configure a SOHO router to provide ____ address filtering to control which devices can access your network.
  112. configure  broadcasting to control whether your network is publicly visible
  113. configure ____ to automatically assign IP addresses to clients
  114. Configure ___ to hide internal IP addresses from public view
  115. Configure ___ to protect your internal network
  116. Configure ____ to automatically connect wireless devices to access points
  117. Configure _____ to prioritize resources between network clients.
  118. A computer network allows two or more computers to communicate. Types of networks include _________________________.
    • PANs,
    • LANs,
    • MANs,
    • WANs,
    • and WLANs
  119. A network's ________________ refers to the physical layout of its components and cabling
    physical topology
  120. A network's _______________ refers to the paths that transmitted data takes between devices.
    logical topology
  121. Examples of common network topologies are ___________________________.
    the star, bus, ring, mesh, and hybrid topologies
  122. RAM stores data temporarily so it can be ________________
    accessed quickly.
  123. The most common type of RAM is _____.
  124. There are several types of DRAM including ________________
    • SDRAM,
    • RDRAM,
    • DDR
    • SDRAM,
    • DDR2
    • SDRAM, and
    • DDR3 SDRAM.
    • SO-DIMM
  125. A memory module has __________ chips.
    8,16, or 32
  126. Some memory modules use _______ checking and some _______.
    • parity
    • support ECC
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