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  1. How do you add a fraction?
    Step 1 Make sure your denominators are the same

    Step 2 Add your numerators and put your numbers over the denominator

    Step 3 Reduce (Simplify your fraction if possible
  2. How do you subtract a Fraction?
    Step 1 Make sure your denominators are the same, If not find a common denominator

    Step 2 Subtract your top numbers and put them over denominator

    Step 3 Reduce if possible
  3. How to Multiply a Fraction
    • When multiplying fractions just simply multiply straight across and reduce if possible
    • Example: 2/3 x 2/5= 4/15
  4. How to Divide a Fraction
    Step 1 Flip the second fraction for example 1/2 will become 2/1

    Step 2 Multiply the fraction by the reciprocal (fraction you just flipped)

    Step 3 Reduce if possible
  5. Is this an example of adding a fraction the correct way? 1/2+3/4= 4/6 
    NO. We need to find a common denominator which would be 4! So we would find out how many times two goes into 4 and what you do to the bottom you must do to the top.
  6. Is this how you multiply a fraction? 3/4 x 4/4= 12/16 
    YES, When multiplying we multiply STRAIGHT ACROSS and leave it as is!
  7. Is this how I divide a fraction? 2/3 / 1/4= 
    2/3 * 4/1= 8/3 
    YES, We have flipped our reciprocal and multiplied straight across and out fraction is reduced to it's lowest terms
  8. When subtracting fractions can I do this.. 2/6-1/6= 1/6?
    YES, Because I already have two common denominators there for I do not have to find one. Now if I have 1/2-1/6 then I would have to find a common denominator and then subtract and reduce if needed.

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Rules of fractions
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