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  1. atom
    the smallest chemical unit of matter
  2. molecule
    two or more atoms linked together to make a substance with unique properties
  3. concentration
    the quantity of a substance within a certain volume
  4. fifty grams of carbon disulfide can be broken down into 42.1 grams of sulfur and 7.9 grams of carbon. is carbon disulfide made up of atoms molecules.
  5. if you put iron near a magnet the iron will be attracted to the magnet. rust is made up of molecules that contain iron atoms and oxygen atoms. rust is not attracted to a magnet. if rust contains iron atoms and iron is attracted to a magnet why isn't rust attracted to a magnet?
    when an atom is part of a molecule the molecule does not take on the characteristic of the atom . instead the atoms in the molecule join together in a way that gives the molecule its own characteristics
  6. a statue is made of copper and displayed outside. after many years what color will it be
    bluish greenish color
  7. has scientist actually seen a real atom
  8. give numerical meaning for the prefixes centi milli and kilo
    milli; 0.001    centi; 0.01  kilo;1000
  9. if you wanted to me sure an objects mass which metric / english unit would you use
    metric;grams  english;slug
  10. if you want to me sure an objects volume what metric/ english unit would u use
    metric;liter english;gallon , pints, quarts
  11. if you want to me sure an objects length what metric/english unit would u use
    metric;meter english;feet yards inches miles
  12. how many centimeters are in 1.3 meters
    1.3 decided by 0.01= 130 cm
  13. if a person has a mass of 75kg what is his or her mass in grams
    75 x 1000grams
  14. how many liters of milk are in 0.500 gallons of milk    i gallon=3.78 l
    0.500 x 3.78 = 1.89 liters
  15. a meterstick is 100.0 centimeters long. how long is it in inches
    39.37 inches
  16. ozone is poisonous gas that can build in the air in denounce cities thus there are many environmental initiatives to lower the amount of ozone in the air we breathe. one way you can make ozonee is by baking bread. the nice smell is actually due to ozone. if ozone is poisonous why is baking bread not dangerous
    baking bread may create ozone but it has such a low concentration that it is harmless
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