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  1. discuss something before making a decision;
    talk something over
  2. deal with one's personal problems;
    sort oneself out
  3. decide not to do sth because of being afraid to (informal);
    bottle out
  4. an excuse, a way to avoid something you said you would do;
  5. need or deserve a particular action or quality;
    call for
  6. start doing sth to achieve sth;
    deal with
  7. accept the real state of things;
    face up to
  8. arrange for sth to be done;
    see about
  9. can be found in;
    lie in
  10. have a solution to a problem or any ideas how to deal with it;
    come up with
  11. if you ... a list of something, you make it smaller and clearer by removing what is irrelevant or less important;
    narrow down
  12. an idea that suddenly crossed my mind and helped to sort out something (a phrase);
    dawn on (it's just dawned on me)
  13. make something impossible or irrelevant;
    rule out something
  14. can be seen very well immediately (about an answer or a solution to a problem);
    jump out (at you)
  15. deal with a problem by talking about it in detail;
    work through something
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