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  1. ἡ ἀποδε(ι)ξις
    delivery; display; proof
  2. ἐξιτηλα (ος  ον)
    extinct, forgotten
  3. ἀποδεχθεντα (ἀποδεικνυμι)
    having been shown forth/displayed
  4. οἱ λογιοι
    The learned men
  5. της Ἐρυθρης θαλασσης
    the Erythrean (Red?) Sea
  6. ἐπιθεσθαι (ἐπιτιθημι)
    to set upon, engage themselves in
  7. ἀπαγινεοντας (ἀπαγινεω = ἀπαγω)
    carrying off
  8. τα φορτια
  9. ἐσαπικνεεσθαι (εἰσαφικνεομαι)
    to arrive into
  10. προειχε (προεχω)
    it was distinguished, foremost
  11. πεμπτῃ (ος  η  ον)
  12. Ἰουν την Ἰναχου
    Io, daughter of Inakos
  13. στασας (ἱστημι)
    they were standing
  14. την πρυμνην
    the stern
  15. διεκαλευσαμενους
    having urged themselves
  16. τας πλευνας (πλειων)
    the majority
  17. ἀπηγησασθαι (ἀφηγεομαι)
    to tell
  18. καταπλωσαντας (καταπλεω)
    having sailed down
  19. μακρῃ νηι
    in a big ship
  20. ἐς Αἰαν τε την Κολχιδα και ἐπι Φασιν ποταμον
    to Aia - a Kolchidian town - and to the river Phasis
  21. αἰτεειν
    to ask
  22. της ἁρπαγης
    the seizure, theft
  23. ἀπαιτεειν
    to demand back
  24. ὑποκρινασθαι
    to answer
  25. δευτερῃ γενεῃ
    the second generation
  26. προισχομενων (προισχω)
    proposing; pleading
  27. βουλοιατο (βουλομαι)
    they might be willing
  28. μεχρι ὠν (οὐν)
    thus far then
  29. ἁρπασθεισεων
    having been carried off (fem pl)
  30. ἀνοητων (ος  ον)
    unthought/heard of
  31. την ὠρην
    care, concern
  32. τον στολον
    army; expedition
  33. NB ἡγεομαι
    lead or believe, suppose
  34. οἰκηιευνται (οἰκειοω)
    they made their own
  35. κεχωρισθαι (χωριζω)
    to be separate
  36. την ἁλωσιν
    the capture
  37. χρησαμενους (χραομαι)
    Here (+ ἁρπαγῃ) = treat with
  38. ἐμισγετο (μιγνυμι)
    she mixed/had intercourse with
  39. τῳ ναυκληρῳ
    the shipowner
  40. ἐγκυος  ον
  41. τους τοκεας
  42. καταδηλος  ον
    manifest, visible
  43. σημηνας (σημαινω)
    having signalled, pointed out
  44. προσω
    • adv
    • onwards
  45. ἐπεξιων (ἐπεξειμι)
  46. ἐπ᾽ ἐμευ
    in my time
  47. ἐπιμνησομαι (ἐπιμιμνησκομαι)
    I shall recall/mention
  48. ἀμφορτερων ὁμοιως
    both alike
  49. ἐντος
    within; on this side
  50. της μεσαμβριης
    from the south
  51. προς βορην ἀνεμον
    towards the north
  52. κατεστρεψατο (καταστρεφω)
    he subjugated
  53. του φορου
  54. την ἀπαγωγην
  55. ἡ καταστροφη
    a subjection
  56. της ἐπιδρομης
    a raid, attack
  57. ὁτευ (ὁστις)
    from whom
  58. ἐκληθη (καλεω)
    it was called
  59. Μηιων
    the Meii
  60. ἐπιτραφθεντες (ἐπιτρεφω)
    having grown up after
  61. του θεοπροπιου
    a prophecy
  62. ἠρασθη (ἐραμαι)
    he was enamoured of
  63. αἰχμοφορων (ος  ον)
  64. σπουδαιεστερα (σπουδαιος α ον)
    most serious, excellent
  65. ὑπερετιθετο
    placing under, depositing
  66. ὑπερεπαινεων
    praising above
  67. τα ὠτα
  68. ἀπιστοτερα (ἀπιστος  ον)
    less trustworthy
  69. ἀμβωσας (ἀναβοαω)
    shouting aloud, crying
  70. τῳ κιθωνι
    tunic, garment
  71. ἐκδυομενῳ
    in taking off
  72. συνεκδυεται
    she takes off together with
  73. δεομαι (δεω)
    i ask
  74. ἀπεμαχετο (ἀπομαχομαι)
    he was fighting against/resisting
  75. ἀρρωδεων (ὀρρωδεω)
  76. το βλαβος
  77. ἀρχην
    • adv
    • from the first, from the get-go
  78. κοιμωμεθα (κοιμαω)
    we shall sleep
  79. ὁ θρονος
    a chair
  80. ἀγχου
    • adv
    • near
  81. ὑπεκδυς (ὑπεκδυομαι)
    • nom
    • 'having escaped'

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