Lieutenant test questions

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  1. NFPA
    Percentage decreased in the chance of dying in a hotel with sprinklers?
  2. NFAP
    Minimum tank size
    500 gallons
  3. NFPA
    Minimum gallons per minute?
    750 GPM
  4. NFPA
    Minimum LDH
    look this one up
  5. NFPA
    Which substances are reactive
    Chlorates and Nitrates
  6. NFPA
    What are the smallest and largest GPM pumps
    • 250 GPM is the smallest
    • 1500 GPM is the largest
  7. NFPA
    Fire deaths are concentrated in?
    Home and garages
  8. NFPA
    When energy is absorbed it is called
  9. NFPA
    When energy is expelled it is called
  10. GO
    Personnel should leave their SCBA on until the CO concentration decreases below
    200 ppm
  11. GO
    After responding to pick up the foam truck and delivering it to the scene, who will operate it at the scene
    A training center approved operator
  12. GO 
    care flight has a patient carrying capability of
    1 to 2 patients lying down
  13. GO 
    After the fire is out and waiting on investigators, the incident commander shall
    Remove all personal from the structure and stop all overhaul operations and water flow into the property
  14. GO
    What is the steepest angle that Care Flight can land
    inclines of no more than 10 degrees
  15. GO 
    The Care Flight landing zone must be a minimum of
    100' x 100'
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