BIO102 Vocabulary - Ch 2

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  1. Matter
    Anything that has mass and takes up space
  2. Element
    • Pure substance
    • Contains only one type of atom
  3. Atomic Number
    • Equal to the number of electrons in the atoms
    • The number of protons found in he nuclei of the element's atom
  4. Isotope
    • Atoms that differ in the number of neutrons they contain
    • Does not affect the atom very much
    • Does not change the chemical reactivity of the atom
  5. Radiation
    Tiny bursts of energy, or energetic particles, from the nuclei of atoms
  6. Compound
    Substance made up of two or more atoms
  7. Molecule
    The smallest particle of a compound that still retain the properties of the compound
  8. Ionic Bond
    • Formed between two atoms when one loses an electron and the other gains an electron
    • Creates two charged particles (ions)
  9. Covalent Bonds
    • Occurs when two toms "share" electrons
    • The electrons orbit around both atoms, gluing them together
    • Much stronger union that an ionic bond
  10. Polar Covalent Bonds
    • Occur any time there is an unequal sharing of electrons by two atomsThe atoms bear a slight charge--either positive or negative
    • The presence of polar covalent bonds in molecules make the entire molecule polar
  11. Hydrogen Bonds
    The electrostatic attractions between thepositively charged   hydrogen atoms of one water molecule and the negatively charged oxygen atoms of another
  12. Organic Compounds
    • contain molecules that are made primarily of carbon atoms
    • Many are quite large
    • All atoms are covalently linked
  13. Inorganic Compounds
    compounds that aren't organic
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