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  1. Amount
    Up to 10% of table maximum.

    Nothing higher than a green cheque should be dropped in the toke box.
  2. During hand
    A Dealer toke will be placed directly in front of the original bet.  On the betting circle line.

    • Acknowledge the toke immediately.  "Thank you sir"  "Much appreciated" 
    • You can say something like "Dealer's in the game."

    They can also double down/split or insure your bet BUT that is not required.  If they insure a toke bet, it goes on top of guest's insurance.
  3. After the hand
    • losing bets
    •  -- collect guest's bet THEN dealer's bet.

    • push bets
    • -- guest decides whether dealer keeps it or he keeps it

    • winning bets
    • -- remain on the layout until all bets have been paid/collected; cards have been collected.

    Collect tokes WITH APPROPRIATE HAND, tap it on metal edge of rack and announce "Toke" 

    Thank guest once again.
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