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  1. a mountain chain that stretches from Georgia to Maine
    Appalachian Mtns
  2. Georgia's smallest region located in the northwestern corner of the state
    Appalachian Plateau
  3. 8000 BCE to 1000 BCE
    Archaic Period
  4. Several islands off Georgia's coast; inhabited by Native Americans; the Spanish built several missions on these islands
    Barrier Islands
  5. A name for a group of mountains located in the Appalachian chain that are characterized by a "blue" haze that surrounds their peaks
    Blue Ridge Mtns
  6. Georgia's largest region which makes up 3/5 of the state
    Coastal Plain
  7. the world's largest land masses
  8. important Georgia river that forms part of the western boundary of the state
    Chattahoochee River
  9. a composite of prevailing weather conditions of a location
  10. a geographic boundary that separates the Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions; named for decrease in elevation
    Fall Line
  11. lines of latitude and longitude that divide the earth in halves
  12. Georgia's climate, which is characterized by hot summers and mild winters
    Humid Subtropical
  13. a land mass inhabited by people who share a common territory and government
  14. pitch, tar, and resin that is taken from pine trees used in ship building
    naval stores
  15. the largest freshwater swamp in North America; located in southeastern Georgia
    Okefenokee Swamp
  16. Georgia's most populated region known for its red clay
  17. major river that is used for trade and makes up Georgia's eastern border with South Carolina
    Savannah River
  18. Georgia region characterized by low open valleys and narrow ridges
    Valley and Ridge
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