CCNA Definitions

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  1. Enterprise Network
    The Information Technology (IT) world refers to a network created by one corporation, or enterprise, for the purpose of allowing its employees to communicate.
  2. Networking Model
    Sometimes also called either a networking architecture or networking blueprint, refers to a comprehensive set of documents.

    Each document describes one small function required for a network; collectively, these documents define everything that should happen for a computer network to work.
  3. Protocol
    Which is a set of logical rules that devices must follow to communicate.
  4. OSI
    Open Systems Interconnection networking model is OSI Model to standardize data networking protocols to allow communication between all computers across the entire planet.
  5. IEEE
    Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, defines Ethernet LANs; the TCP/IP model does not define Ethernet in RFCs, but refers to IEEE as an option.
  6. Layers
    Small categories that are functions, includes protocols and standards that relate to that category of functions.
  7. RFC
    Requests for Comments; Documents used by TCP/IP to define a protocol for computers to communicate.
  8. HTTP Overview:
    What really happens to allow the web page to appear on your web browser?

    Web-browser application and web-server application
    Use a TCP/IP application layer protocol.  To make the request for a web page and return the contents of the web page, the application use the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).
  9. URL
    Uniform Resource Location; begins with http, which means that HTTP is used to transfer the web pages.
  10. UDP
    User Datagram Protocol
  11. Segment
    TCP message
  12. adjacent-layer interaction
    Refers to the concepts of how adjacent layers in a networking model, on the same computer, work together.

    Example, the higher-layer protocol (HTTP) wants error recovery, and the higher layer uses the next lower-layer protocol (TCP) to perform the service of error recovery; the lower layer provides a service to the layer above it.
  13. same-layer interaction
    When a particular layer on one computer wants to communicate with the same layer on another computer, the two computers use headers to hold the information that they want to communicate. It occurs between computers that are communicating over a network.  

    Example is the seq numbers 1, 2, which 2 did not arrive and the request was made again.
  14. Same Layer vs. Adjacent Layer Interactions
    Image Upload
  15. What is DDN?
    • Dotted-Decimal Notation
    • Example:  
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