Book 1.11-23

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Book 1.11-23
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Herodotos Histories vocab
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  1. ὡρα (ὁραω)
    she was seeing
  2. ἑωυτῃ
    • ἑαυτῃ
    • to her(self)
  3. ἐωθεε (ἐθω)
    he had been accustomed to
  4. φοιταν (φοιταω)
    to go back and forth
  5. την αἱρεσιν
    a choice
  6. νομιζομενα (νομιζω)
    acting according to custom
  7. τεως
    • adv
    • in the meantime
  8. ἐνδεειν (ἐνδεω)
    to need
  9. περιειναι (περιειμι)
    to be around i.e. to continue to live!
  10. ἐπειρωτα (ἐπερωταω)
    he was asking
  11. τεῳ (from τις)
    to/by what
  12. ἡ ὁρμη
    the attack
  13. ἠρτυσαν (ἀρτυω)
    he prepared
  14. την ἐπιβουλην
    the plan (formed against)
  15. ἐμετιετο (μεθιημι)
    he was not released
  16. ἡ ἀπαλλαγη
    deliverance, escape
  17. ἐγχειριδιον (ος  ον)
    in the hand
  18. ἀναπαυομενου (ἀναπαυω)
  19. ὑπεκδυς (ὑπεκδυομαι)
    having slipped out
  20. ἐπεμνησθη
    he was mentioned
  21. ἐκρατυνθη (κρατυνω)
    he was strengthened
  22. δεινον ἐποιευντο [το Κανδαυλεω παθος]
    they esteemed [the suffering/experience of Candaules] to be terrible
  23. οἱ στασιωται
    the members of his party
  24. συνεβησαν (συμβαινω)
    they came to an agreement
  25. ἡ τισις
    punishment, vengeance
  26. τον πεμπτον
    the fifth
  27. ἀπελομενοι (ἀφαιρεω)
    having taken away
  28. τα ἀναθηματα
  29. παρεξ
    besides (adv)
  30. ἀπλετον (ος  ον)
  31. ἀνακεαται (ἀνακειμαι)
  32. ἑστασι (ἱστημι)
    they are standing
  33. τῳ θησαυρῳ
    the treasury
  34. προκατιζων (προκαθιζω)
    sitting upon
  35. ἀξιοθεητον (ος  ον)
    worth seeing
  36. ἀναθεντος (ἀνατιθημι)
    having dedicated
  37. ἐπωνυμιην (ος  η  ον)
    named after
  38. δυων δεοντα τεσσερακοντα
    'forty lacking two' - 38
  39. παρησομεν (παριημι)
    we will pass/disregard
  40. ἐπιμνησθεντες (ἐπιμιμνησκομαι)
    having mentioned/remembered
  41. ἐπι τουτου
    at this time
  42. ἐξανασταντες (ἐξανιστημι)
    being expelled
  43. Κυαξαρῃ τῳ Δηιοκεω ἀπογονῳ
    Kyaxares, descendant of Deiokes
  44. ἐξηλασε (ἐξελαυνω)
    he drove out
  45. κτισθεισαν
    having been peopled/colonised
  46. ἀπηλλαξε (ἀπαλλαξείω)
    he was delivered
  47. προσπταισας (προσπταιω)
    having failed
  48. ἀξιαπηγητοτατα (ἀξιαφηγητος  ον)
    most worthy of telling
  49. παραδεξαμενος (παραδεχομαι)
    receiving from (inheriting?)
  50. ἐπολιορκεε (πολιορκεω)
    he besieged
  51. ἁδρος  α  ον
    ripe, stout
  52. τηνικαυτα
    • adv
    • at that time
  53. των πηκτιδων
  54. αὐλου γυναικηιου τε και ἀνδρηιου
    treble and bass pipes
  55. ἀπεσπα (ἀποσπαω)
    he tore off
  56. τα δενδρεα
    the trees
  57. της ἐπεδρης
    a siege
  58. σπειρειν
    το sow
  59. σινεσθαι (σινομαι)
    to harm, destroy
  60. τα τρωματα
  61. διφασια (ος  α  ον)
  62. ἐν Λιμενιῳ
    in the battle of Limeneion
  63. συναψας (συναπτω)
    having brought to action
  64. ἐντεταμενως
    • adv
    • vigorously
  65. συνεπελαφρυνον (συνεπελαφρύνω)
    they were helping to make light
  66. ὁτι μη
  67. ἀνταποδιδοντες (ἀνταποδιδωμι)
    paying back
  68. ἐτιμωρεον
    they were exacting punishment
  69. συνδιηνεικαν (συνδιαφερω)
    they had gone along with
  70. του ληιου
    the crop
  71. συνηνειχθη (συμφερω)
    it was brought
  72. ἁφθη (ἁπτω)
    it was gripped, fastened
  73. κατεκαυθη (κατακαιω)
    it was burned to the ground
  74. παραυτικα
    • adv
    • presently, at that time
  75. μακροτερης (μακρος  α  ον)
    bigger, longer
  76. της νουσου
  77. ἀνορθωσωσι (ἀνορθοω)
    they rebuilt (up-straightened)
  78. ἐνεπρησαν (ἐμπιμπρημι)
    they burned
  79. τον ξεινον
  80. προστιθεισι (προστιθημι)
    they added
  81. προειδως (προοιδα)
    being forewarned
  82. προς το παρεον
    to the present matters
  83. οἰκοδομῃ (οἰκοδομεω)
    he might build
  84. ὁ ἀποστολος
    the envoy/messenger
  85. προπεπυσμενος (προπυνθανομαι)
    being forewarned
  86. ἰδιωτικος  ον
  87. συγκομισας (συγκομιζω)
    having brought together
  88. τῳ κωμῳ
    celebration, merry-making
  89. τον σωρον
    the pile
  90. κεχυμενον (χεω)
    heaped/piled up
  91. ταις εὐπαθειῃσι
  92. τας ἐντολας
    the message/orders
  93. ἡ διαλλαγη
    the reconciliation
  94. ἰσχυρην (ος  α  ον)
    strong, intense
  95. τετρυσθαι (τρυω)
    to be ground down, distressed
  96. νοστησαντος (νοστεω)
    returning, coming
  97. κατεδοκεε (καταδοκεω)
    he supposed
  98. μηνυσας (μηνυω)
    having disclosed
  99. παραστηναι (παριστημι)
    to take place (to stand beside)
  100. του δελφινος
    a dolphin
  101. ἐξενειχθεντα (ἐκφερω)
    having been carried out/across
  102. τον κιθαρῳδον
  103. οὐδενος δευτερον
    second to none

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