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  1. Adonis
    • -god of beauty and desire
    • -fought between aphrodite and persephone 
    • -1/3 year with each, 1/3 with aphrodite

    -someone described as adonis is someone who's attractive & youthful
  2. Perseus
    • -greek hero who is abandoned by grandpa b/c he is destined to kill him
    • -kills medusa
    • -accidentally kills grandfather
  3. cupid & psyche
    • -aphrodite hates psyche b/c she's so beautiful
    • -sends cupid to kill her but he falls in love
    • -psyche's jealous sisters try to get her to kill cupid
    • -cupid escapes 
    • -sisters try to jump off cliff but die
    • -aphrodite makes psyche do many missions but gods help her
    • -finally reunited with cupid
  4. orpheus & eurydice
    • -eurydice is killed at wedding by vipers
    • -orpheus plays sad songs that stir hades and persephone
    • -they allow eurydice to live once more if he walked in front of her without looking back
    • -he looks back and eurydice disappears
  5. arachne & minerva
    • -arachne boasts her weaving is better than athena's
    • -they compete & arachne's weaving insults the gods & was more beautiful
    • -athena ripped arachne's work and turned her into a spider
  6. sisyphus
    • -sisyphus betrayed zeus
    • -zeus orders Thanatos to chain Sisyphus in tartaurus
    • -Sisyphus tricks Thanatos and traps him
    • -Ares frees Thanatos and he punishes Sisyphus by making him endlessly roll boulder up a hill
  7. Dido & Aeneas
    • -Dido, queen of Carthage, and Aeneas, Trojan hero, fall in love
    • -King Iarbas complains to Jupiter for her rejection
    • -Mercury sends Aeneas away 
    • -Dido curses him, proclaims hate between Carthage and Troy, and kills herself
  8. Paris & Golden Apple
    • -Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena fight over golden apple b/c the apple is for the fairest one
    • -Paris, king of Troy, is judge
    • -Aphrodite offers him world's most beautiful woman, Helen  -> Trojan War
  9. Demeter & Persephone
    • -Hades steals Persephone
    • -Demeter won't allow harvest
    • -Persephone eats pomegranate seeds so she must spend 1/3 of each year in underworld
  10. Daedalus & Icarus
    • -Daedalus & Icarus fly to escape tower
    • -Icarus flies too high & sun melts wax, causing him to drown
  11. Prometheus & Io
    • -Promestheus is chained to boulder where eagle eats his liver everyday
    • -Io tells him how she turned into a cow to avoid Hera's punishment
    • -Promestheus promises she will become a human again and mother to heroes 
    • -> Hercules releases Promestheus
  12. Echo & Narcissus
    • -Echo distracted Hera while Zeus played with nymphs
    • -Hera forces her to repeat other words
    • -Echo falls in love with Narcissus but he only loves himself
  13. Pygmalion & Galatea
    • -Pygmalion carved Galatea & fell in love with it
    • -Aphrodite turns Galatea to human

    -Pygmalion Effect is prophesy where if you think something will happen, you unconsciously make it happen
  14. Midas Touch (sig.)
    Having a Midas Touch means to be successful or rich
  15. Theseus
    • -Theseus overcame obstacles during travel to see father, King Aegeus
    • -killed Minotaur in labyrinth & left Anadne on island
    • -accidentally forgot to put up white sails -> father kills himself
  16. Hercules
    -12 labours
  17. agamemnon, orestes, electra
    • -when agammemnon was away, his wife Clytemnestra had affair with aegisthus
    • -they kill agamenon
    • -orestes hides with electra's help
    • -orestes dilemma: whether to kill mother
    • -kills her & followed by furies, goddesses of revenge
  18. medea
    • -helped Jason get Golden Fleece & willingly killed brother
    • -married and had many children but he left her for glauce
    • -she killed Glauce and her children
  19. hero & leander
    • -hero fell in love with leander & swam acroos Hellespont every night to see her
    • -leander drowns in storm
    • -hero kills herself
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