metrical terms (poetry)

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  1. alliteration
    use of same consonant/vowel at beginning of each word

    ex: But a better butter makes a batter better. (B)

    A big bully beats a baby boy. (sound)
  2. anapest
    a metrical foot of 3 syllables (1st 2 short, 3rd long)
  3. assonance
    rhyme where same vowel sounds are used w/ diff consonants 

    ex: Men sell the wedding bells.
  4. blank verse
    unrhymed verse, esp in iambic pentameter
  5. ceasura
    break in middle of a verse
  6. cinquain
    short poem of 5 unrhymed lines
  7. consonance
    characterized by repetition of same consonants

    ex: Shelley sells shells by the seashore.
  8. couplet
    2 successive lines of verse, rhymed & same meter
  9. dactyl
    metrical foot of 3 syllables (1 long, 2 short)
  10. dramatic monologue
    when single person addresses silent auditor dramatically
  11. elegy
    sad poem, esp for dead
  12. end-stopped
    pause at end of each line
  13. enjambment
    running on of thought from line to line without break
  14. heroic couplet
    stanza with 2 rhyming lines in iambic pentameter
  15. hexameter
    verse line of 6 metrical feet
  16. iamb
    metrical foot of 2 syllables, 1 short then long
  17. internal rhyme
    rhyme of 2+ words in same line
  18. meter
    poetic measure
  19. octave
    group of 8 lines of verse
  20. pentameter
    line of verse of 5 metrical feet
  21. perfect rhyme
    rhyme of 2 words spelled/pronounced same but diff in meaning
  22. quatrain
    stanza of 4 lines with alternating rhymes
  23. sestet
    sonnet's last 6 lines
  24. sonnet
    14 line poem in iambic pentameter
  25. spondee
    metrical foot of 2 long syllables
  26. tercet
    group of 3 lines rhyming together/connected by rhyme
  27. terza rim
    italian form of iambic verse of 11 syllable lines
  28. tetrameter
    verse of 4 feet
  29. trochee
    a foot of 2 syllables, 1st long then short
  30. villanelle
    short poem written in tercets followed by final quatrain
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