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  1. how many classes of hazardous materials are there?
  2. what are class 1 hazardous materials?
  3. what are class 2 hazardous materials?
  4. what are class 3 hazardous materials?
    flammable liquids
  5. what are class 4 hazardous materials?
    flammable solids
  6. what are class 5 hazardous materials?
    oxidizers and organic peroxides
  7. what are class 6 hazardous materials?
    poisons and infectious substances
  8. what are class 7 hazardous materials?
    radioactive material
  9. what are class 8 hazardous materials?
  10. what are class 9 hazardous materials?
    miscellaneous dangerous goods
  11. how much fuel can vehicles and self-propelled equipment have?
    no more than half a tank
  12. how much fuel can engine powered GSE have?
    they need to be completely drained of fuel
  13. If a vehicle uses LPG, natural gas, or other flammable gases, how much fuel can it have?
    the fuel needs to be emptied from the fuel tank, lines, and regulator. Purging is not required
  14. how much fuel can boats and other watercraft have?
    they need to be drained
  15. how much fuel can external fuel tanks loaded as cargo have?
    they need to be drained and purged, and then documented as such
  16. If 2 different hazardous materials have a "0" entered at their intersection on the segregation table for hazardous materials, how far apart must they be spaced?
    88 inches
  17. true or false: the aircrew doesn't need to have easy access to hazardous cargo loaded on the plane
    false.  we need to be able to access the cargo
  18. how many drops per minute does it take to be considered a leak?
    5 drops per minute
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