Heart Blocks

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  1. 1st Degree Heart Block
    • Cause: incr Vagal tone
    • Dx: (ECG) PR prologation (>0.2 sec = 1 large box) w/o skipped QRS complexes
  2. 2nd Deg Heart Block (Mobitz type I, "Wenckebach")
    • Dx: (ECG) progressive lengthening of PR until QRS dropped
    • Cause: intranodal conduction defects, as well as incr vagal tone
    • Rx cause: Bbl, digoxin, CCBs
  3. 2nd Deg Heart Block (Mobitz type II)
    Chx: (vs Mobitz I) regular PR, QRS dropped on a reg basis/ratio of P:QRS complexes (e.g. 3:2)
  4. 3rd Deg Heart Block
    !! Most Severe !!
    • Ans: complete dissociation btwn atrial and ventricular rates
    • Dx: P intervals consistent, but QRS complexes are not coordinated with them
    • P/w: dizzyness, HoTN and syncope
    • Image Upload 1
  5. Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia (MAT)
    • ECG: variable P-wave morph, HR > 100
    • usu seen in: COPD Pts
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