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  1. Planet
    Small non luminous bodies that shine by reflection
  2. solar system
    the sun, it's family of planets, and some other bodies, such as moons, asteroids, and comets.
  3. star
    a self-luminous ball of hot gas that generates it's own energy
  4. Astronomical Unit (AU)
    • 1.5 x 10^8 kilometers (93 million miles)
    • average distance from Earth to the Sun
  5. Light Year (ly)
    • the distance that light travels in1 year
    • roughly 10^13 km or 63,000 AU
  6. in a photo, what does the size of a star represent
    not the actual size of the star, but its brightness of the star
  7. How many stars does our galaxy contain?
    more than 100 billion
  8. Galaxy
    a large system of stars, star clusters, gas, dust, and nebulae orbiting a common center of mass.
  9. Milky Way Galaxy
    the spiral galaxy containing our sun, visible in the night sky as our galaxy.
  10. spiral arms
    long spiral pattern of bright stars, star clusters, gas, and dust. Spiral arms extend across the disks of spiral galaxies.
  11. Supercluster
    clusters of clusters of galaxies
  12. Angstrum
  13. nanometer
  14. micron
  15. Parsec
    • 3.1 x 10^13
    • 206,000 AU
    • 3.3 ly
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Astronomy intro ChapterOne
introduction to astronomy and the units to measure distance on an astrological scale.
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