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  1. μετεμαθε (μεταμανθανω)
    he learn differently
  2. ἐν φυλακῃ
  3. μεταβαινοντες (μεταβαινω)
  4. διαχραται (διαχραομαι)
    makes constant use
  5. ἀποσχισθεν (ἀποσχιζω)
    having been separated
  6. προσκεχωρηκοτων
    having come over to, joined with
  7. συχνων (ος  η  ον)
    many, numerous
  8. προς δη
    before that
  9. κατεχομενον (κατεχω)
    being occupied
  10. διεσπασμενον (διασπαω)
    being divided/separated
  11. θεωρεοντι (θεωρεω)
  12. το τερας
    a sign, wonder
  13. οἱ λεβητες
  14. ἐπεστεωτες (ἐφιστημι)
    placing upon
  15. ἐζεσαν (ζεω)
    they boiled
  16. ὑπερεβαλον (ὑπερβαλλω)
    they boiled over
  17. συνεβουλευε
    he advised
  18. ἀπειπασθαι (ἀπειπον)
    to disown
  19. στασιαζοντων (στασιαζω)
    being at odds
  20. των παραλων
    of the coast
  21. προεστεωτος (προιστημι) +gen
    being led by
  22. καταφρονησας (καταφρονεω)
    having set his sights upon
  23. τριτην στασιν
    a third faction
  24. συλλεξας
    having collected
  25. των ὑπερακριων
    the uplanders
  26. προστας (προιστημι)
    purporting, putting forward as an excuse/pretence
  27. δηθεν
    • adv
    • really, in truth
  28. καταλεξας (καταλεγω)
    having chosen
  29. κορυνηφοροι (ος  ον)
  30. τας κορυνας
  31. συνεπανασταντες (συνεπανιστημι)
    having made to rise up together
  32. συνταραξας (συνταρασσω)
    having thrown into confusion
  33. θεσμια (ος  α  ον)
  34. κατεστεωσι (καθιστημι)
    (pf) standing
  35. (60) ἐρριζωμενην (ῥιζοω)
    being firmly rooted
  36. ἐκ νεης
    anew, afresh
  37. ἐστασιασαν (στασιαζω)
    they were at variance
  38. περιελαυνομενος (περιελαυνω)
    • lit. 'being driven about'
    • harassed, distressed
  39. τῃ κατοδῳ
  40. εὐηθεστατον (εὐηθης  ες)
  41. ἀπεκριθη (ἀποκρινω)
    it was separated, distinguished
  42. ἐκ παλαιτερου
    from old (times)
  43. ἠλιθιου (ος  α  ον)
    idle, vain
  44. ἀπηλλαγμενον (ἀπαλλαξειω)
    being free from
  45. ἐν τῳ δημῳ τῳ Παιανιει
    in the Paianian deme
  46. μεγαθος ἀπο τεσσερων πηχεων ἀπολειπουσα τρεις δακτυλους
    her size being 3 fingers off 4 cubits
  47. τῃ πανοπλιῃ
    full armour
  48. ἐσβιβασαντες (εἰσβιβαζω)
    having put her on board
  49. προδεξαντες (προδεικνυμι)
    making an example, showing beforehand
  50. εὐπρεπεστατον (εὐπρεπης  ες)
    well-looking, glorious; also, 'plausible'
  51. ἐντεταλμενα (ἐντελλω)
  52. εἰρημενῳ (ἐρω)
    being said
  53. ἐναγεων (ἐναγης  ες)
    under a curse
  54. καταλλασσετο (καταλλασσω)
    he was reconciling
  55. Ἱππιεω δε γνωμῃ νικησαντος
    Hippias' opinion prevailing
  56. τας δωτινας
    gifts, donations
  57. προαιδεατο (προαιδεομαι)
    it owes respect, is under obligation
  58. χρονος διεφυ (διαφυομαι)
    time elapsed
  59. ἐξηρτυτο (ἐξαρτυω)
    it had been prepared
  60. οἱ μισθωται
    the 'hires', the mercenaries
  61. ἐθελοντης
    of own initiative
  62. παρεχομαι
    providing, supplying
  63. ἰσχουσι (ἰσχω)
    they restrained, held
  64. στρατοπεδευομενοισι (στρατοπεδευω)
    being encamped
  65. προσερρεον (προσρεω)
    they were assembling, streaming in
  66. ἀσπαστοτερον (ἀσπαστος  ον)
    more welcome
  67. συνηλιζοντο (συναλιζω)
    these were assembling
  68. βοηθεουσι (βοηθεω)
    helping, coming to aid
  69. τους κατιοντας (κατειμι)
    those returning home
  70. συνιοντες (συνειμι)
    coming together, engaging in
  71. τα ὁπλα
    NB here = 'the camp'
  72. θειῃ πομπῃ
    by divine guidance
  73. παρισταται (παριστημι)
    he comes to
  74. προσιων (προσειμι)
    coming forth
  75. χρᾳ
    he proclaims
  76. ἐρριπται (ῥιπτω)
    it is thrown
  77. ὁ βολος
    the cast
  78. ἐκπεπετασται (ἐκπεταννυμι)
    it is spread
  79. οἱ θυννοι
    the tunny-fish
  80. οἱμησουσι (οἰμαω)
    they swoop
  81. σεληναιης (αιος  α  ον)
  82. ἐνθεαζων (ἐνθεαζω)
    being inspired
  83. ἐπηγε (ἐπαγω)
    he brought on
  84. προς ἀριστον
    toward breakfast
  85. μετεξετεροι (ος  α  ον)
    some among many
  86. ἐπιτεχναται (ἐπιτεχναομαι)
    he contrived
  87. ἁλισθειεν (ἁλιζω)
    they might be assembled
  88. διεσκεδασμενοι (διασκεδαννυμι)
  89. ἐπι τα ἑωυτου
    to his own home
  90. τοις ἐπικουροισι
  91. ταις συνοδοισι
    collections, assemblies
  92. αὐτοθεν
    • adv
    • from the very spot, right there
  93. τους ὁμηρους
  94. κατεστρεψατο (καταστρεφω)
    he conquered
  95. ἐπετρεψε (ἐπιτρεπω)
    he gave it over
  96. καθηρας ἐκ των λογιων
    having purified it due to oracles
  97. ἡ ἐποψις
    the view
  98. ἐξορυξας (ἐξορυσσω)
    having dug out
  99. μετεφορεε (μεταφορεω)
    he was transferring
  100. ἐπεπτωκεσαν
    they had fallen
  101. κατυπερτερους (ος  ον)
    above, superior
  102. προσεπταιον (προσπταιω)
    they were suffering disaster
  103. κακονομωτατοι (ος  ον)
    the most ill-governed
  104. ἀπροσμεικτοι
    having no contact with
  105. την εὐνομιην
    good government
  106. πιονα νηον
    rich temple
  107. διζω
    I am in doubt
  108. κατεστεωτα (καθιστημι) κοσμον
    the standing/current order/government
  109. ἐπιτροπευσαντα (ἐπιτροπευω)
    having been guardian
  110. μετεστησε (μεθιστημι)
    he changed
  111. παραβαινειν (παραβαινω)
    to transgress
  112. τας ἐνωμοτιας
    the bands of sworn soldiers
  113. τας τριηκαδας
    the bands of thirty
  114. τα συσσιτια
    the public messes
  115. εὐνομηθησαν (εὐνομεομαι)
    they were well-ordered
  116. εἱσαμενοι (ἱζω)
    having built
  117. ἐδραμον (τρεχω)
    they moved quickly
  118. εὐθενηθησαν (εὐθενεω(
    they flourished
  119. ἀπεχρα (ἀποχραω)
    it was sufficient
  120. ἐχρηστηριαζοντο
    they were seeking a prophecy
  121. βαλανηφαγοι (ος  ον)
  122. ἀποκωλυσουσιν
    they will hinder
  123. μεγαιρω
    I grudge, deny
  124. ποσσικροτον (oς  ον)
    beaten with the foot
  125. ὀρχησασθαι (ὀρχεομαι)
    to dance
  126. τῃ σχοινῳ
    with rope
  127. διαμετρησασθαι (διαμετρεω)
    to measure out

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