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  1. if a military member refuses to perform a standardized field sobriety test, what actions are taken
    • notify the military member that refusal could constitute a violation of the UCMJ under articel 92, failure to obey a lawful order of regulation. Request member submit the test again.
    • if refused, detain the subject and transport to BDOC for furthering processing. Complete SFMIS, DD form 1920 if needed, patrol and subject complete AF form 1168 complete a notice of preliminary suspension of driving privileges letter in duplicate
  2. when initiating a code 5 what information do you provide BDOC with
    time, location, reason for stop, vehicle description(MAke/model/color/ tag #) # of occopuants, positive or negative request for assistant.
  3. what are the restricted area badge number designations
    • area 3- 57 WG/ CP
    • Area 4- Nellios flight line restricted areas. when protecting level A/C are present in the restricted area on CAFB 
    • area 6- CAFB bldg 718, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1008, 1009, 1019, and nellis afb bldg 47
    • area 8- CAFB flight line
    • area 10- MSA
    • Area 11- nevada test and training range NTTR hdqtrs bldg 20
    • area 12- red flag bldg 201
    • area 15 - ranges 63, 65
    • area 17- tonopah electronic combat range
    • area 20- NAFB flight line adj to restricted area
  4. what are the patrolman's option if they have to return to a residence for a loud noise complaint
    • re-advise the violator to lower the noise
    • issue a lawful order to cease and desist disband the event
    • request the first SGT to respond to the scene
    • apprehend the violator for breach of peace or failure to obey a lawful order
  5. Upon assuming post, flight line patrols will
    • conduct a visual check of all physical security aids to include free zone boundaries
    • conduct a visual check of all ECP's within assigned area
    • conduct a visual check of all restricted areas boundaries and restricted area signs within assigned area
  6. what are the two reasons patrols can be authorized to engage in a pursuit driving
    pursuing a vehicle with material extremely dangerous to others, such as nuclear, biological, or chemical munitions or components
  7. what are the sources for the UCMJ
    • US constitution
    • federal statutes 
    • international law
  8. a security forces ambassador should represent an image of what
    • fairness
    • openness 
    • concern towards the public
  9. a field interview is a tool used for what purpose
    • gather info
    • deter criminal activity
    • identify possible suspects
  10. what is the definition of child neglet
    is an act of omission that results or could reasonably be expected to result in physical or emotional harm to t he child
  11. when responding to a domestic violence, how many houses should responding patrol park
    at least two houses away
  12. if a driver can not produce proof of insurance and states their vehicle is not insured, what steps will be taken
    the vehicle will be removed from the installation by a civilian towing service
  13. rule 302 mcm & Article 7b gives what  authority to security forces
    authority to apprehend any persons subject to trial by court martial if the security forces member is executing law enforcement duties
  14. who is DD Form 1805 issued to
    only members who are not on active duty
  15. what constitute a major accident
    an accident that causes severe injury of any severity or death, disabling damage, difficult to explain accidents or accidents involving fraud. damage over 10,000 to USAF vehicles or property
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