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  1. No person shall use, allowed to be used, sell or offer for sale any unvented liquid fire space heater. Whoever violates the provisions of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than ----.
  2. The board shall hold public hearings on the first ---in May and October in each year .
  3. No person shall sell, offer for sale or is called a secondhand space heater, or a second and portable stove which uses kerosene, range oil or number one fuel for fuel. Whoever violates this section shall be punished by fine of not more than ----.
  4. -----is any furnace, air-conditioner, heater, refrigerator, stove, range, dishwasher, clothe dryer, or other than propane put operation thereof, and which is manufactured after 1998, ignited other then intermittent device.
    Gas appliance
  5. ---- is any furnace, air conditioner, heater, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, clothes washer, which uses a gases fuel, that is automatically ignited by intermittent device...
    Automatic gas appliance
  6. Section 26.
    automatic sprinklers required in certain buildings per order: Marshall be equipped with automatic sprinklers: provided, that no such order shall apply to any building unless ---or more persons live or usually employed therein above the second floor.
    Four or more persons
  7. Section 26 a. Automatic sprinklers and high-rise building: every building or structure of more then ---feet in height above the mean grade shall be protected with an system of automatic sprinklers in accordance...
    70 feet
  8. A approved smoke detector shall be installed on the ---- of each stairway leading to the floor above, near the base of, but not within each stairway and an approved smoke detector shall be installed outside it separate sleeping area.
  9. Buildings or structures occupied in whole or in part for residential purposes and containing not less than ---or more than five units and not regulated by section 26A, 26B or 26C shall be equipped with approved smoke detectors.
  10. Apartment houses containing -- or more dwelling units, hotels, boarding or lodging houses, or family hotels which are not regulated by section 26A or 26B shall be equipped with automatic smoke or heat detectors as provided by the rules and regs of the board of fire prevention regulations.
  11. An approved monitored battery power smoke detector, shall have a distinctive audible trouble signal is given before the battery is incapable of operating the device. for alarm Purposes, that such audible trouble signal is produced at least once every minute for --- consecutive days
  12. Salamanders are:
    - raised above the floor at least 4 inches

    • - set upon a brick or other incombustible material in a bed of sand at least 2 inches thick
    • - covering an area of at least 2 feet in all directions
  13. No volatile inflammable fluid except on the amount not exceeding .....contained in a approved safety can.
    1 quart
  14. No volatile inflammable fluid quantity exceeding .... contained and approved safety can.
    1 gallon
  15. No non-volatile inflammable fluid except an amount not exceeding .... for domestic use shall be kept, used or stored in any part of any building used for habitation
    10 gallons
  16. Volatile inflammable fluid quantity exceeding ...., shall be stored exception of the tank of an automobile, boat or stationary engine, within......
    -30 gallons

    -50 feet
  17. Condensation in air compressors shall be drained each .....
  18. A ..... is a directive issued by the chief of operations.
    Special order
  19. A general order is a directive issued by the ......
    Fire commissioner
  20. The generator must be turned on .... morning of each week is operated for a period of not less than ...... minutes, outside quarters.
    • - Sunday
    • - 15 minutes
  21. Hydrant inspections must start on ..... until completed. Inspection hours are 10:00 to ....and 1500
    -September 1 until

    -1330 to 1500
  22. Company drills are held for at least ..... duration. From April 1 to .....
    - one hour

    - November 1
  23. Dormitories, beds, and bedding shall be kept clean & aired and beds shall be made up no later then .....
    11 AM
  24. Harassment: members shall provide notice of complaint within .... days of the date the member had knowledge.
    30 days
  25. Sexual harassment: officers shall ...... communicate this policy to each member under their supervision.
  26. Sexual harassment: The company officer shall submit a form 5A within ... days notifying the deputy chief of personnel
    Five days
  27. Notification to the fire department of buildings with canines: you should do the following
    Locate of the name, address and telephone number of persons who supply patrol the canines
  28. Automatic sprinklers are in buildings more than.... feet in height above medium grade
    70 feet
  29. Report .... of building laws to be authority charge with the enforcement of such provision.
  30. No volatile inflammable not exceeding ?
    1 quart
  31. No volatile inflammable for domestic use?
    10 gallons
  32. No volatile inflammable exceeding ?
    1 gallon
  33. Anytown having over ..... inhabitants, and unpaid licensing board of three members maybe appointed or designated by the board of selectmen to pack the licensing authority and issuing licenses.....
    20,000 inhabitants
  34. The ..... shall keep or cause to be kept a record of all fires or explosions occurring in the commonwealth, with the results of such investigations, and such records shall be open to public inspection
    The Marshall
  35. According to law section 2: The head of the fire department in city or town, wherein a fire or explosion has destroyed or damaged property shall investigate the cause and circumstances, and begin such investigation ....
  36. No person shall store fireworks in quantities except such as may be permitted by the rules and regulations of the board outside of the premises of a fireworks manufactory in any building structure located within .... feet of any church.....
    1000 ft.
  37. The person who would need a certificate for installing and servicing fire extinguishers would be which of the following?
    An employee of the firm engaged in the business of servicing portable fire extinguishers.
  38. The head of the fire department and city or town, wherein an explosion has destroyed or damaged property, and if it appears to the official making such investigation that the fire or explosion is of suspicious origin, ... He shall ...... the marshal
  39. No rule or order shall be made or false which requires an expenditure by the owner or occupant of more than.... percent of last annual assessed valuation of land and buildings to which such order relates.
    5 percent
  40. Any such who shall be filed with the Marshall no later than ...days following the act, rule, order or decision you from.
    10 days
  41. Every insurance company adjusting a fire loss of ..... dollars or more shall forward forthwith to the Marshal a written statement of the amount of such adjustment on building and contents
  42. Whoever shall SELL or keep for sale or offer for sale any fireworks in violation of this section shall be punished by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than ....dollars or by imprisonment for not more than one year both.
  43. Whoever shall use or explode or cause to explode any fireworks in violation of this section shall be punished by a fine of not less than ..... dollars nor more than $100.
  44. The term fireworks as used herein shall not include toy pistols, toy canes, toy guns or other devices in which paper caps or plastic caps containing ..... grains or less of explosive COMPOUND are used
    25 hundredths grains
  45. .... Plastic caps which contain less than .... grains of explosive MIXTURE.
    20 hundredths grains
  46. Stove polish contain any liquid or compound whatsoever which will emit a gas that will flash at a temperature of less than ..... degrees Fahrenheit
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