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  1. Incident commander
    Incident commander/Deputy
  2. Command staff
    Officer /Assistant
  3. Section
  4. Branch
  5. Division
  6. Group
  7. Strike team
  8. Task force
  9. Unit
  10. Single resource
    E -7 Unit designation
  11. Strategic goals: defined
    • The overall plan that will be used to control the incident (what has to be done)
    • - are bold in nature and are achieved by completion of tactical objectives
  12. Examples of strategic goals:
    • 1. Protection or removal of Exposed persons
    • 2. Protection of external or internal exposures
    • 3. Confining and extinguishing a
    • 4. Minimize loss to involved or exposed property fire
  13. Tactical objectives
    • - tactical objectives are the operations that must be accomplished to achieve strategic
    • -how the job should be done!
  14. Steps for accomplishing tactical objectives:
    • -assignment of resources
    • -nature of tactical activity
    • -location of tactical activity
  15. The incident action plan is the ------ of the incident management.
    Working segment
  16. The command staff consists of -----,----, and ----. And other positions as required, will report directly to ----.
    • -public information officer
    • -safety officer
    • -liaison officer

    The incident commander
  17. Multi jurisdictional incidents, involving several agencies, may require the establishment of a -----on the -----.
    • -Liaison officer
    • - command staff
  18. The ----function is to develop and recommend measures for assuring personal safety, and to assess hazardous and unsafe situations.
    Safety officer
  19. The ----is the point of contact for the agency the representative assigned to the incident.
    Liaison officer
  20. The ......is responsible for developing and releasing info about the incident, to the news media, to the incident personnel, and.......
    The public information officer
  21. The general staff normally consist of the:
    • -Operations section Chief
    • -finance/administration section chief
    • -logistics section chief
    • -planning section chief
  22. A----will provide for rapid and accurate accounting of ----in the event of a building collapse, explosion or other similar events and will cut down on freelancing on the fire ground.
    • -Personnel accountability system
    • - Personnel
  23. The ---- is responsible for collection, evaluation, dissemination and use of information about the development of the incident and...
    The planning section chief
  24. The logistics section chief is responsible for the ----mechanism for the organization.
  25. The member in charge of a division or group is referred to as ----- and reports to----.

    -Operations chief
  26. The person in charge of staging area is referred to as -----and is responsible for managing all activities within the -----.
    -Staging area manager

    -staging area
  27. The ---- is a member of the general staff and is responsible for all tactical operations at the incident.
    Operations chief
  28. A ---- or back up to shall be assigned as soon as possible at all incidents where members are required to enter IDLH atmospheres.
    Fast Company
  29. The member in charge of a ---- is referred to as a leader.
    Strike team/task force
  30. The ---- consists of safety officer, information officer, and liaison officer.
    Command staff
  31. Personnel Accountability system will consist of:
    • - proper input and maintenance personnel info into the mobile computer terminal MCT
    • - unit riding list
    • -command control chart and form ICS 214
  32. ---- are created with partition of an incident into geographical areas of operation.
  33. Division: "front of building"
    Division A
  34. Proceeding clockwise, the next side of the building will be division .....
    Division B
  35. The fire building will be designated division .....
    Division "O"
  36. Floors:
    the first floor will be division .....
    Division one
  37. Exposure "A" will be ..... Side "A"
  38. Evacuation signal is:
    "get out, get out, all members evacuate the building"

    This message will be broadcast three times.
  39. Air horns on on all apparatuses so equipped at the incident will be sounded using a series of short blasts for .....the transmission of radio message.
    10 Seconds
  40. The two most common variations of command involve the use of .....and ....
    • -Unified command
    • -Area command
  41. When there is more than one responding agency with incident jurisdiction and incidents that across jurisdictions what type of command do you use?
    Unified command
  42. In this type of command is generally used when there are a number of incidents in the same area and of the same type.
    Area command
  43. Certain predefined incidents will have individual ......specific to that type of incident because of the incidents miniature size and complexity.
    Action plan
  44. 1. .....(The current situation presents)
    -type of incident
    -life hazards
  45. 2. .....(predictions based on existing conditions)
    -Life hazards
    -extent of incident severity
    - explosion and collapse potential
    -weather changes
  46. 3. -determine strategy
    -evaluate tactical options
  47. 4. .... And ....
    -availability of and need for additional resources
    -water supply
    -strategic mode
    -actions and the effect of actions already taken
    Resources and capabilities
  48. 5. ....
    -establish command
    -issue tactical assignments
    -coordinate activities
    -evaluate results, situation status
    -alter tactics and or strategy
    Plan of operation
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