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  1. Prejudice toward or annoyance of a member of BFD account of the members race, national origin, religion.
    Submit a form 5A to the commissioner and report the same to: 1) their superior 2) The deputy chief for personnel through the chain of command. 3) 18.41 for investigation and mediation
  2. Misuse of uniform, identification, or position of employment
    • Minor – if member has not attempted personal gain,
    • or not under emergency conditions.
    • 1st- oral warning
    • 2nd- written reprimand
    • 3rd - prefer Charges

    Major – if member is attempting personal gain under emergency conditions prefer charges
  3. Unauthorized activities
    • Minor – if it is not under emergency conditions
    • 1st- oral warning
    • 2nd-written reprimand
    • 3rd-prefer charges
    • Major – if occurs under emergency conditions prefer charges
  4. Being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
    Bringing drugs or alcohol on BFD property
    • Minor – if willing to seek treatment written reprimand
    • Major – if not willing to seek treatment
    • Prefer charges
  5. Failure to respond W/apparatus or misdirecting apparatus
    • Major offense
    • Prefer charges
  6. Insubordination, disrespect towards the superior
    • Minor
    • 1st- oral warning
    • 2nd-written reprimand consult W/district chief re: 1 to 5 days suspension
    • 3rd-refer charges
    • 3rd-
  7. False statements, misrepresentations, theft, or act which one could be criminally charged.
    • Minor
    • 1st-written reprimand, consult with district chief Re:1 to 5 days suspension
    • 2nd-prefer charges

    this is usually a major offense, but if member does not attain personal gain it is a minor
  8. Loss of, damage to, unauthorized use of, negligent use of, improper maintenance department property, Records of info:
    • Minor – if no harm to department
    • 1st-written reprimand
    • 2nd-prefer charge
    • No oral warning
    • Major – if recognizable harm to department
    • Prefer charges
  9. Failure to obey orders, or carry out instructions, routine duties, or conduct which is in good order.
    • Minor
    • 1st -oral warning w/ in-house discipline
    • 2nd-written reprimand, consult W/District Chief re:1 to 5 day suspension
    • 3rd-prefer charges
    • Major: prefer charges
  10. Infractions during emergency operations include preparation for, presence at, or returning from fire duty are ----and usually ---should be preferred will first offense
    • -major violation
    • -charges preferred
  11. Infractions occur during non-– emergency operations is to first give----
    Oral warning with company punishment
  12. Third related offense
    Prefer charges

    An officer will be treated the same except will be given eight hour tour of clerical duties at headquarters in lieu of in house suspension.
  13. Response nonemergency second offense issue a-----
    Written reprimand and consult with district chief regarding 1 to 5 day suspension
  14. Recommended discipline for emergency operations
    Charges should be preferred for first offense
  15. Recommended discipline for non-emergency operations
    First give oral warning w/company punishment
  16. Recommended discipline for non-emergency second offense
    - written reprimand

    - consult W/district chief re: recommendation of 1 to 5 day suspension.
  17. Recommended discipline for non-emergency third offense
    Prefer charges
  18. If a officer violates the rules and regs?
    Eight hour tour of clerical duties at headquarters
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