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  1. In newer buildings with sprinkler systems, building and fire codes require valves controlling the water supply for sprinkler systems with more than ..... sprinklers to be monitored at a constantly attended location.
  2. Non-reinforced masonry walls are usually limited to a maximum height of around .....stories.
    Six stories
  3. By using reinforce Masonary, it is possible to construct a load bearing masonry walls to a height of 10 stories or having wall thickness of ...... inches
    12 inches
  4. Floors are required to be ... inch tongue and groove with 1 inch nominal tongue and groove flooring.
    3 inch
  5. Roofs are required to be ...inch tongue and groove or 1 1/8 structural panel or planks.
    2 inch
  6. non-bearing interior partitions and walls are required to be not less than two layers of ... inch matched boards or laminated construction ... inches thick or one hour fire rated construction.
    • - 1 inch
    • - 4 inches
  7. The .... digit refers to the fire-resistance rating (in hours ) of exterior bearing walls.
    First digit
  8. The ... digit refers to the fire resistance rating of structural frames or columns and girders that support loads of more than one floor.
    Second digit
  9. The ... digit indicates the fire resistance rating of the floor construction.
    Third digit
  10. The forces that resist applied loads are known as ......
  11. A beam that is supported at one end is known as a .... beam.
    Cantilever beam
  12. .....tends to pull the material apart.
  13. ....... tends to squeeze the material.
  14. ... tends to slide one plane of the material past a adjacent plane.
  15. A .... load is applied to the center of the cross-section of a structural member and is perpendicular to that cross-section.
    Axial load
  16. An .... load is a load that is perpendicular to the cross-section of the structural member but does not pass through the center of the cross-section.
    Eccentric load
  17. A ..... load is offset from the center of the cross-section of the structural member and at a angle to all in the same plane as the cross section. Produces a twisting effect that causes shear stresses in a material.
    Torsional load
  18. A .... is structural member that can carry loads perpendicular to its longitudinal dimension.
  19. .... are used to carry loads across a distance and have application as support for roofs and entrances in Masonary buildings.
  20. A .... used to support loads over a distance will assume the shape of a parabola.
  21. The impact effect the wind has on a surface. This force may be reduced by streamlining the surface encountered.
    Direct pressure
  22. When wind encounters an object, it's fluid nature causes it to flow around the object. This exerts a Drag effect on the object.
    Aerodynamic drag
  23. In a 300 foot tall building, the pressure variation due to elevation would be 130 PSI. If the minimum 100 psi pressure supply at the top of the riser, the pressure at the base of the riser would be ....PSI
    230 psi pg. 344
  24. Building and fire codes typically require that standpipes be extended before the construction reaches ... feet above the lowest level of fire department access. The top hose outlets should be within ... story of the uppermost level having a secure floor.
    • - 40 feet
    • -one story. Pg. 383
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