Rexed Lamina

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  1. Lamina I
    Thin cap over posterior horn.
  2. Lamina II
    • Pain reception (from lateral spinothalamic tract)
    • "Substantia Gelatinosa"
  3. Lamina III, IV
    • Cell bodies called "Nucleus Proprius"
    • Proprioception, Pressure, Temp sensations
  4. Lamina V
    • Cell bodies send axons to contralateral spinothalamic tracts
    • Cervical Vertebrae - lateral "Formatio Reticularis" sends multi-directional fibers
  5. Lamina VI
    • Most anterior portion of dorsal horn
    • NOT present at all levels
  6. Lamina VII
    • Intermediate gray area of anterior (and lateral) horns
    • Many descending tracts synapse here
    • "Nucleus Dorsalis" (aka Clarke's Nucleus) from C8 thru L3
    • Sends axons to ascending Posterior Spinocerebellar Tracts
    • When Lateral Horns are present
    • "Intermediolateral Nucleus"
    • (T1-L2: preganglionic sympathetic neurons) and (S2-4: preganglionic parasympathetic neurons)
  7. Lamina VIII
    • Anterior horn
    • Delta & Gamma motor neurons
    • Most medial tract has descending tracts
  8. Lamina IX
    • Class A alpha motor neurons - largest and fastest in body
    • Skeletal muscle innervated from these neurons
    • Disconnected islands
  9. Lamina X
    • Surrounds central canal
    • Contains anterior and posterior "gray commissures"
  10. Where is the Intermediolateral Nucleus found?
    Rexed Lamina VII - contributes preganglionic neurons to sympathetics (T1-L2) and parasympathetics (S2-4)
  11. Where is Clarke's Nucleus found?
    C8 thru L3 cord level
  12. Where is Formatio Reticularis found?
    ONLY in cervical area of Lamina V
  13. The Sacral Parasympathetic Nucleus is found in this lamina?
    Lamina VII at S2-4 levels
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